Friday, October 3, 2008

Ryan's House

So this is Ryan's house we are trying to sell! Painted the outside, summer of 2007. And then got really busy remodeling our house (have lots of pictures I can post of that event!). Then there was our Wedding. Then we went back to Ryan's and painted every room but the master(it was already). Now its back on the market!!! Please say a pray for us and keep us in your prayers!!

Front room(also just painted)

The Kitchen

Thanks to Ryan's dad for helping with watering & all the mowing
Ryan will miss this extra storage!

Almost 3 acres!! Has been great for my kids Horses!!

There are also two more bedrooms downstairs, a front room, The laundry room, and a 1/2 bathroom and a nice storage room...

So why don't we just move here??? Well its because I am so tried of doing doing... I would love for Ryan and my life to just slow down!! And ok Colby is 14 a freshman in high school has friends and I work in Blackfoot!??! So for now we are staying in Firth!! For now......

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