Thursday, October 16, 2008

It has been a very busy week.....

I have a hard time when we are so busy! I like normal days and weeks!

Monday is my favorite day (other than it is hard after the weekend!) Its early out day for Blackfoot schools, and now Colby doesn't work either! So I get to pick up my kids and head home. Its just nice, and doesn't matter what we do: Sometimes we just watch Disney and have a after school snack, or we bake treats and then make dinner together!! Its all about being with my kids! I love the extra time I get to have with them!

This Monday was different, Ryan was off from work but drove the fuel truck, and after school KarLee decided to hang out with grandpa and Colby had to work. Ryan had to run around after he got done, so it was me, just me ~alone, till about 5:30. Ryan got home and we ran to town (Blackfoot is my home town and where the kids go to school, so I call it town) picked up KarLee and then Colby, grabbed quick bit to eat, and went to Colby's first Rodeo Team meeting! Yeah my son is going to ride saddle broncs!! I am so excited, NOT.... But you have to let them grow up (trust me I wish we didn't)and make their own choices and he really wants to do this! I will have to deal with this one.

(Colby rode steers one year at The Junior Rodeos, with me in the stands, eyes closed every time he got on!)

Tuesday, are good days too, I pick kids up after school and we get to go home!! This Tuesday was my step mom's birthday! We all took Grandma out to dinner with John and my sister Amber and my step mom's cousin, Linda Polson and her family (Ryan grew up by the Polson's, its such a small world).

Wednesday, Parent teacher conference at Colby's school! High School Parent teacher Conferences are different..
All the teachers are in the gym and you wait in line, not sure I like this idea??
But he is doing good! Then it was back home to hurry and make dinner, (the only nice dinner we are going to have at home this week) and then back to town for KarLee's Dare program!! Home by 8pm and all I could think was: lets just go to bed!!
Thursday, Oh yeah that's today! We are off to go hunting, right after Colby gets off work and KarLee is done dancing! ( I will try and remember the camera!! Colby is the one hunting, we are all going for support! Even KarLee wanted to go!)
Yes, Thursdays no matter what, is our busy day, But then its Friday,

Oh Fridays I do love!! I love being with my kids and my husband!!! I get to pick up the kids right after school and grab a pizza and movies!! This is are norm on Fridays, that is when its cold and no camping trips are planned!!

anyways... I leave you with some pictures from

Our Canada trip, Summer of 2007!

    Colby loved his hat and jacket he got!

We had so much fun!!

KarLee really wanted to stay at this hotel!!

It was a little smokey from the fires.

The kids thought it was so cool to see the deer just hanging out in the town, Waterton Park!

Colby and KarLee in their Canada jackets!

Then we got to see a momma bear and her cub! I think Colby took this picture?!

The Road to the Sun!

Lots of waterfalls on the way!!

We all loved going to the Road to The Sun and to Canada, Waterton Park! We got to stay at Ryan's Aunt Reva's house and met Ryan's Canada family! (Ryan's mother is from Canada).

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