Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sorry Everyone, once again a very busy week!! But so well worth it!!! We have been so very busy cleaning out Ryan's House!! Yes I think its SOLD!!! Today is the closing day!!! We are so happy!!! And so very tried!! Ryan's dad came and helped along with Colby, Ryan and me!! Thanks Gary!! Two days and everything got done!! Now if I can get Ryan to go through his stuff, and do I mean STUFF, lots of it!!! We just out grow our house!!! I am so very happy just to have it done and every thing moved, (thanks Gary for ALL THE HELP, and for storing some of Ryan's things for us!)
Now we can settle in, just before the holidays!!

I am so glad for:
1. One house
2. Remodel done
3. All moving done
4. That now our lives can SLOW down, and just be!!!!

The Holiday's will be so nice!!

OK we still haven't finished all of the remodel... We still have some trim in our room & master bathroom, and TILE in the kids downstairs bathroom shower! We just got so burned out! We started with 1 full bath and 1/2 bath, NOW we have three full baths, with one shower not tiled, I know I know, the kids remind us all the time!!
Life has been so busy... Just this last weekend we rebuilt the fence (WE BUILT A FENCE LAST YEAR TOO)for the horses and moved them back home, KIDS are so happy to have their horses home, Colby has road everyday!!!
I really can't believe everything Ryan and I have done
in the last year and 1/2!!!
We really are very blessed for everything we have!! And both of OUR FAMILIES!!!

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