Monday, October 27, 2008

Look what has been hanging

around our house?!

It just might not if Ryan wasn't feeding it?! I tried getting Ryan to take it to his sister for her b-day, I thought she would love him, looks kinda like Harley??? He wouldn't. I cant figure out if his lost or someone dump him off? I think someone dumped him off!! Ryan thinks he just can live outside and eat the mice, the kids are scared he will be to cold and We need to let him sleep in the laundry room, WHICH IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. Ryan has put a kitty bed out for him and feeds & waters him, daily! Yep he is a cat lover!!!

HE is a very friendly little guy, but come on,

We already have 3 Cats, Stubbs, Tuffy, and Jasper!

Just how many cats can you stand, I mean have??

I have been hoping someone would come and take him, but so far no one has!?


On another note Little Miss KarLee was brushing her teeth this morning and out came her tooth!

Friday when I picked her from school she was eating candy that she got for getting all her work done, and out popped one!!! She is down to just a few baby teeth left.

KarLee and I had a blast on our Mommy & KarLee day!! We went to lunch at Johnny Carino's!! The waiter even brought us ice cream on the house (the brought out KarLee's salad with the wrong dressing on it), She thought that was super cool!! Then off High School Musical 3, which was a good movie! Then a little shopping after that we were popped! It is always so fun to have those days!!!

Ryan and Colby had fun, but not luck... Next year?? I think it was cool that Ryan took my son!! He is a very good Step Dad!! And I know he will make a great dad!! I can't wait for him!! Its hard but VERY rewarding too!

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grrrma said...

Oh no, not another Harley!!!! Tell, Ryan, too many felines. He does have a very tender heart.

Has the tooth fairy come yet???? Karli, you should be up to bigggg bucks by now.
Better luck next year, hunter men!! xoxo