Friday, October 31, 2008


This my Halloween shirt!!! It was fun!!

Got my little KarLee some cute PJ's!!!

Colby with the pumpkin "we" decorated! Last year when he took KarLee and the other littler kids around trick or treat he got told he was to old?! So he isn't going or dressing up(Its sad my first year of him all "grown up")! He...he!

KarLee changed to a cheer leader (does this changing her mind almost every year!?).

Helped KarLee's school today!! I did have fun just because I love the kids!!! But I have to say to was alot more fun when they are in 1st or 2ND or 3rd grade, they have fun parades and 5Th grade they are more "grown up", and some things aren't cool?!

And then there is a big difference this year for the first time we could only bring store bought treats, Yes this has been the policy but they always let us mom who work in the classrooms, and have known us for ever! And no spook alley?? No face paint or scary costumes???? Fall Party??? What?? Its HALLOWEEN people!

KarLee a dead Bride!! (No make up or blood)

The kids are always so fun!!!

My nephew, Kayge!


All in all it was fun!!!!

Hope everyone has a safe and fun HALLOWEEN!!

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