Monday, January 26, 2009

David Archuleta LIVE!

David Archuleta is coming to the Civic Auditorium in
Idaho Falls on
Friday March 20th.

Ryan's mom watched him on American Idol and just loves hims !!!
I knew she would be so excited to hear this great news!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sorry no bloggin....
Year end books! Work work work.............

Oh and LOST! Yep! We rented the whole 1st season.... Now we are are the 2ND watched 2 disc, 3rd one tonight. NO we are not ready for Wednesday night! We so wanted to have watch all 3 seasons. 3 more disc of season 2 then 6 disc of season 3!
And we did go snow machining this last weekend with the kids! Went to Mackay had some fun!! Pictures to come!!

Birthdays and Lots of Birthdays in this month! Happy Happy Birthday to all!!
Great-Grandma Reynolds
Grandma Kathy
Grandma Linda
Abby & Austin & Sydney & Logan & Maddie (nieces & nephews)
Katie (cousin!)
Tracy, Cristin & Christie..... (friends)
Hopefully I remembered them all!!