Saturday, October 31, 2009 - Recipe - Crock Pot Apple Butter - Recipe - Crock Pot Apple Butter:
10 c. cooked (don't add water), blended Jonathan apples (approx. 1/4 bushel)
5 c. sugar
1/2 tsp. cloves
1 tsp. cinnamon
Mix all of the above and cook in crock pot on low for 10-12 hours. (Cook overnight and wake up to a wonderful smell!) Then uncover and cook an additional 2-4 hours on high until apple butter is thick. Pour into hot canning jars leaving 1/4 inch head space and seal or pour into jar and simply refrigerate. Yields about 4 1/2 pints"

Im trying this.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What I have been up too.

We have been busy.
This and that and more of this and that.

And then sickness hits all, but me. Knock on the wood for me.
I did how ever drop from total exhaustion. Now we are all doing better!

Once again knock on wood! It is snowing today!

Just wanted to post some things we have be doing.

KarLee and I have been having fun making these:

We went to Michael's one day and each picked some beads out.

My step mom made this one for KarLee, it has a cute charm, pair of sunglasses on it. Blackfoot just got a bead shop across the street from Les Schwab's. Stop bu there last Saturday, way cute charms for the watches. Have a watch making class on Saturdays for $5.

We enjoy making them,

if anyone would like to do this with us we would love too!

We 1st we had bought some watch faces online, quite a few month back.

($5.99 online)

Other happening:

Then one day(of the many days)we went to Home Depot, we found these stones.

And guess what? They match the one one on my porch.

These are sun faded, but the same.

So I was glad to find them and do something for a walk way.

Something to keep the dirt out, down.

We also picked up these stones for my flower beds. Love the way it looks!! Also love my new porch face lift-look!!!

We redid them after we destroyed when we dug up the yard, during the water issue-problem-new drain field ALL around our house. (do I still sound bitter?? sorry.)

AND Look what else.....................

I did take some very pretty pictures of some fall leaves.

When we went to Island Park.

Oh and

I have been making dinners, too! Trying lots of different things. I, we get tried of the some old thing. I love all the different recipes you can find!!

I loved this, and had fun with the kids making this dish.

You can find something that we make on this blog:
And I post ideas I get from other here too, so you might see you own. (Robyn)

And the last nice wonderful warm day we did this.........

We spent a day picking apples. Alot of apples. 3 trees. 2 of the trees were exploding with apples!!! We have 7 trees. Thank goodness only 3 had apples.

But before we picked all those apples we did this

WE have plums.

The kids and I laughed so much as we picked these!
We moved the trampoline over to the trees and picked and jumped and picked, and ate!!
The plum tress are very much like rose bushes. The have very sharp spikes all over the branches?! I think they are santa rosa plums, delicious tart flavor.

Both of those days were fun with my family!!

And we (I should say Ryan and Robbie) finished this!!!! I was so very happy!!!!!! It looks awesome! Everything matches and looks so good!!!!

The shop and the house and this pump house!! Awesome!!!

Now Ryan has been working on this:

Painting and sheeting the ceiling of the shop. Thanks to his dad and Rusty for helping him. Half way done!! Lookin good!!

And Colby has been stacking.... and stacking, and Him and Ryan have been chopping away! Remember the tree we had to cut down?? Well here is the tree, this years fire wood!!!

And we bought this!! For our master bathroom! I have to tell ya, this is the first thing I have bought for my house, since.. since... Along time.

I love this, and so did Ryan. He hung it up for me and its wonderful!! Looks so good!

Ok I am done now. I have lots of other fun things we have been making and doing!! Will take more pictures later!! Have a good day!

Monday, October 26, 2009

New Puppy...... "Riggin"

O.K. so he is really cute.
Colby got him the late part of June.

He just started to live at our house this last month.

One of my friends got him after someone had dumped him off, and she couldn't keep him.

So Colby got him.

And he named him Riggin!

(after a bronco riggin, you know Colby being the cowboy he is and all....:)

He has a really cute face.

Looks a lot like Ryan's sisters dog, Hank.


Well if you going to have a dog,

you'll need to build a doggie house!

Ryan and Colby went to work!

Ok, so in some of these pictures, it look as if Ryan was doing most of the work.?

I got on the Internet and printed out some building plans.

Who would have know how fancy you could get!

Colby wanted one with a porch for his doggie! LOL!

This still scares me.

But Ryan cut all the wood and his fingers are still attached!

One very special dog with a very special "loving" boy!

Oh look at that face.

So dang cute!

And yes, naughty!!

But what puppy isn't!?

Almost finished

Still have to finish putting on metal siding.

But he loves it, and I love NO PETS in the house!

Yea we even moved the cats into the shop!!

Can you believe it??


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Happy Birthday to my sister, Amber!

Today is my little sis's birthday!!
I want to wish her a
Very Happy Birthday!!
And my kids want to wish
there "Aunt" one too!

I have to put this picture on here cause I LOVE this one so much....
and there is a story!!!

So I remember that my step mom Karen bought us girls these dresses!
And wanted to get our pictures done. So she took us to the mall.
I don't remember everything, but I remember we were (my sister Brandy and I) "suppose" to be watching my little sister Amber. And I remember we lost her????
Yep, couldn't find her and we were in at the big mall. I remember going to the security people with my mom and then I remember them announcing
a missing girl in a red and white dress, blonde hair, age, etc....
Then we all went to look for her.
I remember a lady "thinking" she found the little lost girl, but it was just me.
Yes we found her, I don't remember if we found her in the toy store or if that was where we lost her, but we did find her!!!

I remember these banks!! And again dressed alike!!!
My step mom loved to dress us girls all so cute!!!

Back to my sister, Amber!!

So very pretty!!!

We always have fun with her!!!

My mom and Amber!

Us at Christmas this last year

This was last year we took Colby hunting and we all went along

This was winter of 2007? We were cutting xmas trees!!

My wedding! My sister was a huge help!

Amber and my sister Brandy this summer.
Amber took KarLee to Missouri where my sister Brandy lives,
and then brought back our niece's, Sadie & Sydney.
Then my sister Brandy and her hubby
came for the
4th of July in Idaho!

Us taking a picture break this summer 4wheeling

Amber and our dad and Linda & uncle, this last year.

All of us girls with our dad at Christmas 2008!

Again Summer all of us, summer 2009

Amber winter 2008

Amber with our dad
We all went snow machining in Mackay

"Aunt Toad" Colby

So very sweet

And funny!

My kids love there Aunt very much!!
And so do my sisters kids!!

Aunt amber and KarLee

Aunt Amber and Sadie

Aunt Amber and Sydney!

Amber and Shanell and her cutest baby!!

Amber and cousin's!

We are all very happy my sister moved back to Mackay!
We are so glad to have her so much closer!
We all love you so very much and
hope you know how special you are to all of us!
Happy Birthday!!!!