Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Just wanted to share this:

Helping a Father Through Father’s Day

We celebrate Father’s Day with gifts, cards, family gatherings, and perhaps even a special dinner out just for daddy. Stores begin advertising for Father’s Day weeks in advance of the actual holiday. The scenes in advertisements and cards always depict a loving father with a child snuggled close to that special man called daddy.

Many fathers, however, have experienced the devastation of losing a child, and there seems to be an almost non-existent recognition of the fact that fathers suffer from feelings of lost dreams, loneliness, failure, and loss of identity when a child has died.

Very rarely are comments of support made to the father in a family when a child has died. For some reason, our society seems to be more in tune to the feelings of the pain a mother experiences during child loss.

Fathers are somehow expected to be stronger emotionally, and they are expected to heal much sooner.

What can be done to show support on Father’s Day to a father who has experienced the deep pain of losing a child?

Probably the most appreciated gesture of support would be to acknowledge the fact that the father is still a father even though his child is no longer living on this earth.

Refer to him as a father, and express your genuine sorrow for his loss. Fathers who have lost a child as early as miscarriage should certainly be included among the group of grieving fathers. Often, fathers of miscarried babies are never given any recognition of being a father.

Finding a Father’s Day card specifi cally for fathers who have lost a child can be next to impossible. If you cannot find a card with an appropriate verse, choose a blank card and write your own message from the heart. “Sharing in your sorrow this Father’s Day” or “Blessings to you this Father’s Day as God watches over your heavenly angel” will show a tremendous amount of compassion and support to a father who is grieving the loss of a child on Father’s Day.

Recognize the fact that fathers go through emotional upheavals during the grief of child loss.

Fathers grieve differently than mothers, so they might not want a lot of special treatment on Father’s Day.

Men are generally less apt to talk about their feelings of hurt and loss than women, but those feelings are still there and need to be recognized. Father’s Day without a child can be just as emotionally heartbreaking for a father as Mother’s Day is for a mother without her child. We need to be sensitive to the needs of fathers, too!

Special holidays stir up many different emotions for fathers, and Father’s Day is a particularly diffi cult holiday to go through following the loss of a child.

With help and support from family and friends, a father can move forward in his grief.

By letting a father know that he has not been forgotten on Father’s Day, you will validate his identity as a father, and you will allow him the special privilege of once again being called that most cherished name of all—daddy.

Finally, find some way to validate the fact that a father is still a father even though his child is not living.

Fathers are by nature “fixers” and the loss of a child is one loss that cannot be fi xed. This fact is often very hard for a man to accept. By giving a card and a personal word on Father’s Day, you will help validate to the father that he is still honored among that special group of men called fathers on Father’s Day.

Validation of fatherhood on Father’s Day is one more step forward in this process we call grief.

Please take time to acknowledge Ryan and any father who has lost a child on Father's Day. While his journey may be different than most, he still is a father.

Monday, June 13, 2011

BOYS COW CUTTING~ State High School Rodeo Finals

Colby Ginannini

1st GO 144 10 1ST !!!!
2nd GO 146 10 1ST !!!!
3rd GO 144 8.5 2nd !!
SHORT GO 133 4.5 6th :(

The Short Go is when he lost a cow right at the end........ Stupid cow anyways.

So he ended up with a
Then came in with points from district (still confused with the POINT system) But ended up a

=TIED for 2nd Place!


~The World’s Largest Rodeo – In Gillette, Wyoming, July 17-23!!

Super proud of him!!

There will be contestants from 41 states, five Canadian provinces and Australia vie for national titles, assorted prizes and their share of thousands of dollars in college scholarships.

An estimated 1,500 contestants will take part in the 63rd annualNHSFR

The News Paper asked him to do a interview~They were giving him Athlete of the week in the Blackfoot!! Now we will see if he does the interview??

Congratulations to COLBY!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

As I sit here reading some of the blogs that keep up on ~Some are sad and Some are happy ("Normal" maybe you would say)

I wonder why and how?

How do some get to be happy and why do some have to be sad?
Not just sad but full of pain and suffering.

It always makes me wonder WHY?
Why do some people have it(LIFE) easier than other people??
Why does BAD THINGS happen to GOOD PEOPLE??
(Not to say I think or want bad things to happen to "BAD people" either.)

Because some people (Some GOOD people) are living in hell, each and everyday~no matter how hard they try to MOVE forward~ FIX the problem~to CHANGE, THEIR LIFE SUCKS.

Theses are people who did thing to make a "difference" and to try and "HELP" or even the people who are just trying to have a family....

I know that just because someones life looks good doesn't mean it is...

and "God only gives you what you can handle"

So does that mean People with "easier" life's are wimps? And people that have "UGLY STRUGGLES" are expected to be SUPER HERO'S??

Life REALLY can SUCK~ And THANKFULLY most PEOPLE have NO Clue.

~ SORRY to be so harsh. Yes I know, WE ALL have OUR OWN Struggles.

Hell to everyone is different.

~BUT some peoples hell is Loud in your face UGLY!

I know that they are thankful GOD helps them through the "struggles", STRUGGLES NO ONE SHOULD HAVE TO DEAL WITH~REAL UGLY STRUGGLES.

(If you are reading this and have NO clue what I am talking about~BE THANKFUL!)

I DO NOT understand. I want to be a wimp. I want it "EASY". WHO DOESN'T. So WHY is it HARD or HARDER for some than others???

Why can't it all be "EVEN"??

Oh yea this isn't that perfect WORLD. This SUCKS.

I feel the pain for so many people and wish I could HELP.

Most of these people I have never met and maybe will never met, but just maybe by giving and getting their support HELPS and just so THEY know, YOU KNOW~~ Your words of Support, HELPS ME~more than so many other things have or will! And I hope that I maybe can help with my words of support.

And I am not just talking about Parents who have lost babies.....

There are other people out there suffering from other things, far worse (in my opinion)

(and I know when I think my life sucks~You can ALWAYS (unfortunately) find someone else's LIFE WORSE...)

I just want to say I may or may not KNOW your Hell, but I understand PAIN.

SO today and everyday, my wish "MY PRAYER" is that everyone REALLY knows how lucky they are, and for all the things they have, What exactly they have and the LIFE they have! BE THANKFUL FOR YOUR BLESSINGS ~

Kiss that husband and those kids. Laugh, LIVE, and do not forget to LOVE.

Look around see it all!! Take it in!

You never know when it can change or be takin from you.


I am thankful for my husband. Thankful for my children, OUR home, my JOB, ALL of our FAMILY and FRIENDS.

TODAY THE sun IT IS shinning!! And today I am GOOD.
(just so you know)