Friday, April 20, 2012


This one
Or this one ?

Wait, what about this one??

 No maybe this one??  Maybe check the auction....

Trip to the bank to do loan paperwork..................
Not bad, now wait. 
And wait. 
Nope, didn't take my bid at the auction.


OK so Maybe a car instead????????

What do you think about this one??

Its Wednesday ......   lets take a look at the auction, lets bid again......... and again  and again... really......... 

No I think a smaller truck, now???

Well maybe we should look at this one tomorrow??

And maybe this one too?

One day maybe, just maybe we will help
Colby find the right car/truck??? 
I hope soon!!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Wow ~ I think I blinked.

Busy, Busy, Busy........


My baby is 18~Holy COW!

Where the heck did the time go?? I am so proud of him! He has turned into a relly good hearted young man! He really does make his momma proud!

We starte March off by taking Colby and Carson to visit the c ollege in Dillon MT! Ryan and I had a blast with those 2! It was fun! A couple of my friends met us in Dillon later that night and we got to enjoy a great dinner and evening with them!

The next day we headed to Butte MT for St Patty' Day Parade. We met my step mom and sister and their friends and Steston & Lindsey and Kami and April and Brent and Ang went too!! We all had so much fun!!! Then as soon as we got back life got busy.............

Rodeo has started

And KarLee started soccer


Firth is trying to get a soccer team started at the school for next year. During Valentines KarLee sold over $500 worth!!

KarLee still is struggling over Blackfoot or Firth next year. ??????

My soccer player!

Colby got his 66 Elcamino finished

Its been since he was 12yrs old,

and now he is 18years old

Yep, its been 6 LONG YEARS!

And its really not finished..... Needs some mechanical work now. So he got to drive it for about a week. :(

So our schedule is crazyyyyyyyyyyy. This is what last week looked like for us.


KarLee---Dance (SHELLEY) She had to miss it because ~

Colby had a Cutting, in American Falls...................... Can't be at 2 places at once.

(Mondays are becoming a very busy day, besides her having dance she sometimes has a soccer game`like today in RIGBY!)


So I start the day going to WORK-Blackfoot

Then I run back home -Firth

pick up 2 or 3 girls for soccer practice-Blackfoot

(I worked at Church doing books while she is at practice)

Then home to make dinner, SOMEDAYS, my wonderful Hubby makes it for us!!



soccer practice/game

(again I worked at the Church doing Children Church lessons)



soccer practice

(I worked at Church doing paying bills)



Colby-Rodeo (pocky)


(worked on downloading Sunday school lesson-home)

Colby-Rodeo (Pocky)


KarLee was suppose to have a soccer game(Blackfoot) BUT (got cancelled after we drove all they way back)

Then we had a SPRING CARNIVAL at our Church!!


I made a really fast trip to Mackay to do my daddy's books!

So this is about how my schedule going on any givin week.... So this is why I don't get to blog so much.

Oh and next month Colby is GRADUATING!!