Monday, April 20, 2009

Colby 2nd High School Rodeo

Watching the other boys gettin ready........

Getting ready 2nd line.....
Here he goes again.... No 8 seconds, but SAFE!! (And that means something to mom!)
None of the boys made 8 seconds so NO SCORES TO DATE

Saturday, April 18, 2009

KarLee~Volleyball 4~18~09

KarLee is on a 5th grade volleyball team and loves it! Her and her teammates are learning so much! It is all of their first year! And when they play other teams, they are 6 & 7th graders! And we all have just been so proud of the girls! This Saturday we traveled to Rexburg to play. Again the girls were older. But they won 1 of the teams!! And they were 7th graders! I m so happy for them to have a victory!! They really do work hard. They are still learning to call the shot and not to be afraid of the ball when it is whirling at the speed of light right at you! (Yea I'm am so proud cause I hated volleyball for this reason, and my KarLee is really loving it!!) Once they hit that 1st shot, instead of looking around like was that mine???, which I think is funny to seeing almost everyone of the girls doing this, but once they do and see its really not going to hurt them and get that confidence built up, they just start hitting them one after another and really play good! I am glad I get to be there and watch her!

Here is Miss KarLee serving!

My sister has helped alot (she Played in High School, and loved it too!)and my step mom! They really help encourage and talk with her about volleyball! I love watching any sport my children are in! I'm just used to coaching them. So its been so nice to be able to take all the pictures and to get to record her games! And I always think its nice for KarLee cause it seems like she listens better?!

With that being said, this year (after 5 yrs of coaching and being the Asst. Commissioner) I am going to be done coaching, and resign as the acting Asst. Commissioner for soccer (which was suppose to happen last year). And you know what I think I will be OK! Ryan doesn't think I can do it?! I know I can with him sitting next to me on the side lines, me taking pictures & filming my daughter, finally!! I think I have the 1st yr on tape and have pictures that I took, after that I coached and never had the chance, thanks to all the other parents who did and gave me some. I have really enjoyed be apart of AYSO! And am glad that we have this sport in our town!

Colby's Bday Party 4~7~09!!

I have fallin behind on my post, here are pictures from Colby's B-day party BBQ!

Colby doesn't like cake, but LOVES brownies with CHOCOLATE Ice Cream?! Loves BBQ Chicken with WINGER sauce!! 3 Must haves for his Birthday!
His 4th must have is for me to make 1 night for the family, Baby Back Ribs-with Winger sauce!

Ryan got him this, Grid, a car racing game for his Xbox.

What is it??? KarLee got him this....

Fox shirt! I got him one too!

And money, money, money from all the rest of his family! Spoiled!

AND DON'T FORGET~The Fast & Furious movie he got to go to with 2 of his buds at midnight!!!!

Almost forgot, you really can't tell by his rodeo pictures
That's right can you believe it? And he asked for one?

On his B-day, and by this age he is already tired of mom taking his picture!!
But isn't he so cute?!

Look at the HAIR!

He is so tall!! I hate it!

It took me forever!! And I had to keep stopping to sweep!! I couldn't believe it, almost filled the garage can! OK not really, but wow! That boy had some hair!

Will get some more pictures on soon, loved the weekend! Even if it was so busy!

Friday Night Rodeo

April 17th, Friday Night

1st High School Rodeo
and the 4th rider of the night Colby Shane Giannini
Gearing up!
Getting on.......

And here he is!

Not quite 8 seconds but he rode!
And here he is on the ground, safe!!!
There was only 4 Saddle Bronc boys and none made anytime, 2 got marked out and 2 just didn't make 8 seconds. Today is Colby's 2 second High School Rodeo, lets see what today will bring!
(I wont be making Colby's rodeo today so will be counting on my sister and Christie for pictures!
KarLee has a volleyball game in Rexburg so we are off to that today! Will post pictures of her game!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Colby & High School Rodeo's!

OK so Colby had his first High School Cutting, and guess what I forgot my camera?! So I took some pictures with my phone. It broke when I got home before I emailed the picture. I am so upset. His first real Cutting, and I bombed it as a mom! I am still upset, Ryan is going to take my old phone to Verizon and see if they can get the pictures off, I'm crossing my fingers!

The Good news is HE did awesome! He was so nervous, but he won! OK here is the deal, he was the only boy so he wins for the boys Cutting/District High School .
Over all there was 3 of them cutting, 2 girls and he did beat them 2 out of the 3 go a rounds! So now he gets a buckle and goes to State.
And guess what TONIGHT is his first HIGH SCHOOL RODEO!

Its not Colby's first Rodeo.

(This wasn't either, he started out on sheep, I can't even remember how old he was, 3?)

Thank goodness through the years I have convinced him not to ride BULLS. He will be riding Saddle Broncs, not a whole lots safer, but no HORNS!
No he is not at all nervous, me mom, well yes but no, maybe its because he isn't?
He has so much confidence, but not really cocky, just excited and ready, so ready to do this. Not that he has practice tons but he has waited for this day since he was little! HIGH SCHOOL RODEO!

Even though cowboy life has changed over the past 150 years, cowboys still honor and live by their code. They are a source of inspiration that reaches back into our history, yet still speaks to us today. At a time when hero's are in short supply, cowboys are the real deal.

Blackfoot High School 2009 Rodeo Team

1- Live each day with courage
2- Take pride in your work
3- Always finish what you start
4- Do what has to be done
5- Be tough, but fair
6- When you make a promise, Keep it
7- Ride for the brand
8- Talk less and say more
9- Remember that somethings are not for sale
10- Know where to draw the line

Wish him luck! I know no matter what he is going to have the ride of his life! And I already have the camera in my car, batteries charged! And the camcorder!
If anyone wants to go watch any of this rodeos here is the 2009 Rodeo Schedule:
April 17 & 18 Pocatello
April 24 & 25 Pocatello
May 1 & 2 American Falls
May 8 & 9 American Falls
May 15 & 16 Blackfoot
May 22 & 23 Blackfoot
Friday Rodeo start @ 7 p.m.
Saturday Rodeo start @ 11 a.m.

"Rodeo embodies the frontier spirit as manifested through the aggressive and exploitative conquest of the West, and deals with...the reordering of nature according to the dictates of this ethos. It supports the value of subjugating nature, and reenacts the 'taming' process whereby the wild is brought under control" - -Lawrence.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Family game night!

Last night we went to KarLee's school for some fun family games!

Colby and KarLee hanging out together!
(I had to get a picture of that!)

I didn't get the bubble before it popped!
It was way cool! There were ropes that were
attached to a hula hoop, in a pool of bubbles!
The kids could stand in the pool and they would
pull the ropes up around the kids and then the
bubble would pop!

I forgot my camera(of course) so I snap some pictures with my phone.
The school raffled off some games and showed us some different homemade activities to try at home!
KarLee really enjoys going to school activities and having mommy help out! Colby was a good sport and played with his sister!

Sunday, April 12, 2009


We lost Stubbs.......

She will be missed by all, loved by all!

She love to lay on the couch and play with
KarLee or my hair and she would rub
her little head on Ryan's mustache.

She was such a playful and a very curious cat.
Loved attention from anyone that would give it to her.
All the kids always seemed like Stubbs!

We will always love you Stubbs!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

KarLee playing volleyball!

She has had fun! It is Blackfoot first year having volleyball. I hope they keep having this program! All the other schools have had this program for a while and you can tell! There are teams from Snake River, Idaho Falls, Shelley, St Anonthy, Rexburg! KarLee's team has lost every game, but they are learning! So far we have went to Shelley and Snake River & Shelley. Next stop is Rexburg!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Happy birthday to Colby Shane!

15 years ago today my son (1st born) was delivered at 2:15AM!

7.5 lbs 20 inches
Yeah he had to come in the AM, of course! I was so tired but I wouldn't let them take my new little son. I remember waking up to my mom taking him out of my arms. He was the best little baby. Within a month you could tell time by his schedule!

Grandpa Daisy & Grandma Karelene with Colby their very 1st grandson!
Grandma loved her little Colby so very much! I know she is proud of him and watches over my son!

Colby and I and my mother were in accident when he was 3months old. I don't have any pictures of Colby from 3months till 6months, and you would never know that he had suffered from a fractured skull just months ago in this picture!
He had to wear eye patches off and on for the next couple of years. He hated them so, but was still dang cute! And so good & Happy!
Love my little man!
Thought he was so big!
He was always so funny!

Today he is 120lbs and 5'11!

WOW, times fly! I must have blinked! As you can see he is now taller than me! A Freshman in High School. Taking Drivers Ed and works at the Bronco Barn and will have his first Rodeo April 17th, riding saddle broncs. My little boy grew up. All way to soon.

Colby has been riding ever since he could sit. He would fall asleep riding! Couldn't wait to ride in the rodeo. Mutton busting and then riding calf's. Always did good.... still scares me!

I love my son!!

Happy birthday Colby!

Here is Colby riding saddle broncs!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Fast and Furious!!

Midnight Premier!!

So Colby's birthday is Tuesday, and all he wanted was to see Fast & Furious!
Yesterday, as I am running from appointment to appointment, I get a text from my son "Text Z103"! (Didn't know why he would be wanting me to call Z103, and I was busy and he was at work so I didn't want to bother him.)
So when I picked him up he ask did you call??? Did you mom?? I asked him why......
Duh mom the premier of Fast & Furious is at 12:01 A.M. and he wanted to win tickets so he could go. OOPS! But really at 12:01 AM??
Guess what I keep hearing from my son, please mom for my Birthday, that's all I really wanted!
Yea that's right he really thought he needed to be there to see it, just couldn't wait!
So me being that sucker of a mom I called Ryan and of course, at 11:30 p.m. Ryan and Colby and I and 2 of his best buds headed to Idaho Falls!
It was a great movie, but could have watch it at a normal time!
2:30 A.M. is when we made it home! Then bright and early today it was off work and school, Nap??
Colby has seen all 4 now. He owns the first 3 already. And watches them tons, I have them memorized!
The 1st

Right away we were hooked!

The 2nd

It was good, not as good as the 1st.

The 3rd

I really didn't care for this one as much as the others.

And the 4th

All the orginal actor from the 1st!! It was as good as the first one!
So now this means on Tuesday I dont have to do anything for his birthday, right?:)