Saturday, April 18, 2009

Friday Night Rodeo

April 17th, Friday Night

1st High School Rodeo
and the 4th rider of the night Colby Shane Giannini
Gearing up!
Getting on.......

And here he is!

Not quite 8 seconds but he rode!
And here he is on the ground, safe!!!
There was only 4 Saddle Bronc boys and none made anytime, 2 got marked out and 2 just didn't make 8 seconds. Today is Colby's 2 second High School Rodeo, lets see what today will bring!
(I wont be making Colby's rodeo today so will be counting on my sister and Christie for pictures!
KarLee has a volleyball game in Rexburg so we are off to that today! Will post pictures of her game!

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The Ferrell's said...

You are ALOT braver than I am I don't think that I could watch my son do that!! WOW!! Tell him good Luck from us!