Friday, October 31, 2008


This my Halloween shirt!!! It was fun!!

Got my little KarLee some cute PJ's!!!

Colby with the pumpkin "we" decorated! Last year when he took KarLee and the other littler kids around trick or treat he got told he was to old?! So he isn't going or dressing up(Its sad my first year of him all "grown up")! He...he!

KarLee changed to a cheer leader (does this changing her mind almost every year!?).

Helped KarLee's school today!! I did have fun just because I love the kids!!! But I have to say to was alot more fun when they are in 1st or 2ND or 3rd grade, they have fun parades and 5Th grade they are more "grown up", and some things aren't cool?!

And then there is a big difference this year for the first time we could only bring store bought treats, Yes this has been the policy but they always let us mom who work in the classrooms, and have known us for ever! And no spook alley?? No face paint or scary costumes???? Fall Party??? What?? Its HALLOWEEN people!

KarLee a dead Bride!! (No make up or blood)

The kids are always so fun!!!

My nephew, Kayge!


All in all it was fun!!!!

Hope everyone has a safe and fun HALLOWEEN!!

My Eight Favorites!!

8 TV Shows I love to watch
1. Army Wives
2. Brothers & Sisters
3. Reba
4. John & Kate Plus 8
5. Will & Grace
6. Sex in the City
7. Zack & Cody (Disney)
8. Life With Derick (Disney)

8 Favorite Restaurants
1. Johnny Carinos !!!!
2. Olive Garden
3. TGIFridays
4. Artic Circle
5. Outback
6. Pizza Hut
6. Hong Kong
7. Red Lobster (Its been so long)
8. Perkins

8 Things that Happened Yesterday
1. I took kids to school
2. I worked
3. I picked up KarLee
4. Had a meeting at Colby's School~hes doing great!
5. I took KarLee to the Eye Doctor's
6. I took KarLee to Dance
7. I went grocery shopping
8. I went to Pocky really fast w/Shel
Wait I am not done... then picked up Colby and ran home to make stew in a pumpkin for dinner, stitched up KarLee's Halloween costume.. oh then went to bed!!

8 Things I'm Looking Forward to
1. Helping in KarLee's class for Halloween
2. Dinner & movies tonight
3. Halloween party (POW)Saturday
4. Sunday at 6pm when my kids come home
5. Christmas Pictures/Cards
6. Christmas Shopping! Love to!
7. Going to Mackay to cut down our Xmas tree!!
8. Decorating for Christmas Tree up

8 Things on my Wish List
1. Getting Pregnant
2. A family vacation (Disney Cruise!)
3. Finishing projects that have been started
4. Camera
5. Building a Shop
6. Getting a new car?
7. Seeing my kids graduate!
8. seeing my kids go to college!

8 People I'm tagging
1. Ranay
2. Robyn
3. Stacie
4. Valkrie

I would tag April, Kami, Michelle, and Shani, yea but they don't have blogs, what to do!?!?

Monday, October 27, 2008

Look what has been hanging

around our house?!

It just might not if Ryan wasn't feeding it?! I tried getting Ryan to take it to his sister for her b-day, I thought she would love him, looks kinda like Harley??? He wouldn't. I cant figure out if his lost or someone dump him off? I think someone dumped him off!! Ryan thinks he just can live outside and eat the mice, the kids are scared he will be to cold and We need to let him sleep in the laundry room, WHICH IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. Ryan has put a kitty bed out for him and feeds & waters him, daily! Yep he is a cat lover!!!

HE is a very friendly little guy, but come on,

We already have 3 Cats, Stubbs, Tuffy, and Jasper!

Just how many cats can you stand, I mean have??

I have been hoping someone would come and take him, but so far no one has!?


On another note Little Miss KarLee was brushing her teeth this morning and out came her tooth!

Friday when I picked her from school she was eating candy that she got for getting all her work done, and out popped one!!! She is down to just a few baby teeth left.

KarLee and I had a blast on our Mommy & KarLee day!! We went to lunch at Johnny Carino's!! The waiter even brought us ice cream on the house (the brought out KarLee's salad with the wrong dressing on it), She thought that was super cool!! Then off High School Musical 3, which was a good movie! Then a little shopping after that we were popped! It is always so fun to have those days!!!

Ryan and Colby had fun, but not luck... Next year?? I think it was cool that Ryan took my son!! He is a very good Step Dad!! And I know he will make a great dad!! I can't wait for him!! Its hard but VERY rewarding too!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Hunting 2008

Still can't believe all of these Elk!! It was amazing!!

This was such a wonderful day!

Gorgoeus morning!
I am so happy we all enjoy going on these trips!

My sister Amber

Grandpa and Colby!

I am so glad that my kids will still let me take their picture together!!

I can't believe how old my Colby is!

We stopped here for lunch. My dad likes this old cabin and loves to add new pictures when ever we go here!! I can't believe he can always find it!

Just hanging out letting my dad take pictures!! Colby was getting tired of pictures, cause we were here for hunting!

The fish at Barney's Hot Springs are so cool! There are bright blue ones nad lots gold fish and ONE huge gold fish, it in the bottom left picture(its hard to see). My kids want to go back and camp here, its always a busy place!!

We all thought that the hunting trip was great, except for Colby!

The Mountains are just gorgeous!

I have always loved going to Mackay. Just after Acro, when you first come upon the mountains, my kids will always say "Theres the Mackay Mountains Mom"! I always loved that!

This is some of the most beautifulest country!

Friday, October 24, 2008


Plans for the weekend?! Yea Man! I am having what we call a Mommy & KarLee day!!! What are we doing?? We are going to the movie:
High School Musical 3: Senior Year
It was released today, well I guess at 12:01 am. Z103 had a premier party that we tried to win tickets to, can't say I am sad we didn't win them, it was at 12:01 am and I don't think I could have made it to work or KarLee to school today if we would have went!
Here is a link if you want to check it out!
sorry this is the right link
There is Zac(Troy), Vanessa(Gabriella) & Ashley(Sharpe), and I forget Ashley's brothers name (Brian)and then Vanessa's best friend and the other boy with the crazy hair!! I have watched 1 & 2. I really think they are cute shows!! And this time its not on Disney, it made it to the theaters!!

I don't know who the dark hair girl is in this picture??
I guess its Gabriella with short hair??

The whole gang : High School Musical 3: Senior Year
I do think we will have fun!!!

For the rest of them: Ryan is hauling straw today for his brother-in-law. Then he says his is going to cut wood, repair some fence (the goats next door like to visit) and build some shelves in the storage room so we can organize are stuff we had and try to find a place for Ryan's!
Brad one of Ryan's friends offered to take Colby & Ryan hunting, 3 times a charm?! Maybe Colby will get to fill his tag!!

But for tonight its our Friday Night plans!!
Pizza & Movies!
Ryan, me and my kids!!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sorry to Ranay and Brandee for coping your pages without realizing it!!!
I am getting this all figured out, I think.
I am so thankful Ryan sold his house, I think WE might be able to relax and think straight now!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

ITS A DONE DEAL!!!!!!!!!!
We now have one house!!!!!!
Sorry Everyone, once again a very busy week!! But so well worth it!!! We have been so very busy cleaning out Ryan's House!! Yes I think its SOLD!!! Today is the closing day!!! We are so happy!!! And so very tried!! Ryan's dad came and helped along with Colby, Ryan and me!! Thanks Gary!! Two days and everything got done!! Now if I can get Ryan to go through his stuff, and do I mean STUFF, lots of it!!! We just out grow our house!!! I am so very happy just to have it done and every thing moved, (thanks Gary for ALL THE HELP, and for storing some of Ryan's things for us!)
Now we can settle in, just before the holidays!!

I am so glad for:
1. One house
2. Remodel done
3. All moving done
4. That now our lives can SLOW down, and just be!!!!

The Holiday's will be so nice!!

OK we still haven't finished all of the remodel... We still have some trim in our room & master bathroom, and TILE in the kids downstairs bathroom shower! We just got so burned out! We started with 1 full bath and 1/2 bath, NOW we have three full baths, with one shower not tiled, I know I know, the kids remind us all the time!!
Life has been so busy... Just this last weekend we rebuilt the fence (WE BUILT A FENCE LAST YEAR TOO)for the horses and moved them back home, KIDS are so happy to have their horses home, Colby has road everyday!!!
I really can't believe everything Ryan and I have done
in the last year and 1/2!!!
We really are very blessed for everything we have!! And both of OUR FAMILIES!!!

Hunting Trip 2008

This is the beautiful Country we are blessed to live in!!
The 50 or so Elk we seen while we were DEER hunting!
So Colby got a deer tag!! We decide to take him to Mackay, so my dad Gary could take us where he has always had good luck!
KarLee even wanted to come! My sister Amber now lives back in Mackay decided to come as well!
Ryan and my kids and me left Thursday night, as soon as we picked Colby up from work and KarLee from dance!
Just outside of Mackay we had to stop for some deer that were crossing the road, good sign! RIGHT??
Right in Mackay on someones yard more deer, once again good sign! RIGHT??
Friday morning we loaded up and headed out just before dawn. Here is how are day went...................
Got up in the hills and there was a huge Moose!(sorry no pictures it was still not light enough).
Then as the sun came up we seen a whole herd of Antelope! Throughout the day we seen two more herds of Antelope, a coyote. We stop at Barney Hot Springs to see all the of the colorful fish. Still No DEER??
We had lunch, we drove, we stop for a break and to stretch, Still Not one DEER??
We drove from one end of the Country, Howe area, to the other end, Horse Haven, Patterson... Coming out on the Fault Line Road, NO DEER so we headed home with a very disappointed COLBY!
On the way home we seen so many ELK, (IN THE PICTURE UP ABOVE)they were crossing the road in a huge herd!!!
Colby wasn't so happy......... (this is his second year and nothing yet to claim!?)
But I have to say we had one of the best days in some of the most beautiful land around!!! It was so good to be together and talk & laugh with family!!! I love these days!! I love my Family!!! Thank you Dad!!!

My sis, Amber and Me!

It was so beautiful here!

Me being careful not to fall in!
Colby trying to caught the fish!
Wants to put some in the horse trough.

Barney Hot Springs~ We had to play for a while!
Love all the colorful fish here!
Will post some pictures of them soon!
Aunt Toad & KarLee!
KarLee playing ~while we took a break from hunting or I should say looking!
Grandpa With Ms. KarLee
My kids love their grandpa!
We liked it too! Ryan wanted (HAD TO) to drive it!!!
I love riding bikes!!

My Dad got a Harley!!
He is in Love!!!!
What does it take to stay young????
I think this will help!!