Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Summer 2008!

Wow what a summer we did have!!! It was very busy summer! We did sneak off for a weekend of fun! I thought we better do some school shopping before the wedding!!
So off to the Salt Lake! I have been taking my kids there for years, but some how it had been years since we really had been there. Usually we go every year, to shop and to go to the Zoo and to Lagoon??!! One year I took Colby and his friends there for a surprise Birthday Party!! (he will tell you he always loved going to Salt Lake with his mom!!)
So off to the Outlet malls in Park City. Ryan hadn't been there, and he did like it and made it through all the shopping we did!! Then he took us to the Olympic Park, in Park City!

This was a way cool place to visit!!

Olympic Park ~
Park City UT July 2008

Colby & KarLee

Love this weekend!!! We also went to Hogo Zoo & The Gateway mall!! Will post pics of this!! Have some from 2 years ago I will post with them!!

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