Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hunting Trip 2008

This is the beautiful Country we are blessed to live in!!
The 50 or so Elk we seen while we were DEER hunting!
So Colby got a deer tag!! We decide to take him to Mackay, so my dad Gary could take us where he has always had good luck!
KarLee even wanted to come! My sister Amber now lives back in Mackay decided to come as well!
Ryan and my kids and me left Thursday night, as soon as we picked Colby up from work and KarLee from dance!
Just outside of Mackay we had to stop for some deer that were crossing the road, good sign! RIGHT??
Right in Mackay on someones yard more deer, once again good sign! RIGHT??
Friday morning we loaded up and headed out just before dawn. Here is how are day went...................
Got up in the hills and there was a huge Moose!(sorry no pictures it was still not light enough).
Then as the sun came up we seen a whole herd of Antelope! Throughout the day we seen two more herds of Antelope, a coyote. We stop at Barney Hot Springs to see all the of the colorful fish. Still No DEER??
We had lunch, we drove, we stop for a break and to stretch, Still Not one DEER??
We drove from one end of the Country, Howe area, to the other end, Horse Haven, Patterson... Coming out on the Fault Line Road, NO DEER so we headed home with a very disappointed COLBY!
On the way home we seen so many ELK, (IN THE PICTURE UP ABOVE)they were crossing the road in a huge herd!!!
Colby wasn't so happy......... (this is his second year and nothing yet to claim!?)
But I have to say we had one of the best days in some of the most beautiful land around!!! It was so good to be together and talk & laugh with family!!! I love these days!! I love my Family!!! Thank you Dad!!!

My sis, Amber and Me!

It was so beautiful here!

Me being careful not to fall in!
Colby trying to caught the fish!
Wants to put some in the horse trough.

Barney Hot Springs~ We had to play for a while!
Love all the colorful fish here!
Will post some pictures of them soon!
Aunt Toad & KarLee!
KarLee playing ~while we took a break from hunting or I should say looking!
Grandpa With Ms. KarLee
My kids love their grandpa!
We liked it too! Ryan wanted (HAD TO) to drive it!!!
I love riding bikes!!

My Dad got a Harley!!
He is in Love!!!!
What does it take to stay young????
I think this will help!!

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