Saturday, October 25, 2008

Hunting 2008

Still can't believe all of these Elk!! It was amazing!!

This was such a wonderful day!

Gorgoeus morning!
I am so happy we all enjoy going on these trips!

My sister Amber

Grandpa and Colby!

I am so glad that my kids will still let me take their picture together!!

I can't believe how old my Colby is!

We stopped here for lunch. My dad likes this old cabin and loves to add new pictures when ever we go here!! I can't believe he can always find it!

Just hanging out letting my dad take pictures!! Colby was getting tired of pictures, cause we were here for hunting!

The fish at Barney's Hot Springs are so cool! There are bright blue ones nad lots gold fish and ONE huge gold fish, it in the bottom left picture(its hard to see). My kids want to go back and camp here, its always a busy place!!

We all thought that the hunting trip was great, except for Colby!

The Mountains are just gorgeous!

I have always loved going to Mackay. Just after Acro, when you first come upon the mountains, my kids will always say "Theres the Mackay Mountains Mom"! I always loved that!

This is some of the most beautifulest country!

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