Thursday, July 30, 2009

John Gardner

John S. Gardner, 58, of Mackay, Idaho, passed away Sunday, July 26, 2009, at his cabin in Island Park from cardiac arrest.
He was born July 16, 1951, in Boise, Idaho. He is the son of Jack and LaVaun Gardner. He grew up in Idaho Falls and graduated from Skyline High School in 1969. He earned degrees from Ricks College, Brigham Young University and Idaho State University.
In 1974, he married Margaret Norton. They had two children and were married for 27 years. They divorced in 2001.
John met Karen Hames of Mackay, Idaho, in 2004. They shared several wonderful years together up until his passing and were engaged to be married. Karen's family loved John very much.
John worked in various occupations throughout his life. He sold automobiles and real estate. He was a manager at the Super 8 Motel. He taught business and computers at Cambridge, Shelley and Bonneville high schools. After earning a degree in computer information systems, he worked in various computer related jobs. He also worked as a substitute teacher.
John was an avid sports fan and loved football, basketball, volleyball and baseball. He served as a coach in several different sports, and he worked as a baseball umpire. He especially enjoyed coaching his son's ball teams through the years. John had many talents and abilities. He had a beautiful singing voice, played the guitar, did woodworking and built models. He was also an avid reader.
John served an LDS mission in the Kansas-Missouri Mission and served in various callings for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, such as athletic director and membership clerk. John especially loved spending time at his cabin with his family and friends. Fun times were spent snowmobiling, water and jet skiing, four-wheeling and playing games.
John was preceded in death by his parents and his sister, Jeannie Ray. He is survived by his children, Melanie (Shane) Bennett and Tim (Ebony) Gardner; his birth mother, Lorna (Wendell) Terry; his half-brothers and sisters, Dale Terry, Craig Terry, Robyn Wulle, Sandy Pett and Lori Burton; and his grandchildren, Rylee, Avery and Braxton Bennett and Jaden Gardner and Lukus Call.
Funeral services will be at 11 a.m. Friday, July 31, at Wood Funeral Home East Side, 963 S. Ammon Road, with Bishop Richard Reynolds, of the Mackay LDS Ward, officiating. The family will visit with friends from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Thursday and from 10 a.m. to 10:45 a.m. Friday, both at Wood East Side. Burial will be at 2 p.m. in Grove City Cemetery. Condolences may be sent to the family online at


Tears fall from my eyes
as softly the memories flow,
with the tears, salty on our tongue.
I miss you so much.

Tomorrow is frightening
except for the thought
of seeing you again;
another time, another place.

I hear your voice…
in my dreams you come.
We talk and laugh
about silly, important things.

Each day without you is less;
less bright, less full, …less.
I feel your love with me,
yet, I want you to hold.

Faith in God eases the pain
for moments, sometimes days.
Still, I cry; but not for you,
for the less I feel in me.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


We lost John this last Sunday..........

John is my step moms' boyfriend, and has been for the last 5 years.

This picture is from Xmas.

He will be missed.

We will take care of our Karen.

We love her so much!

She is a wonderful grandma!!!

She is a wonderful mother!

and Karen is a wonderful sister!

Karen has a wonderful family!
And we will all love and take care of her!!

And daughter too!

I love you Karen.

I am glad I have had Karen in my life and my children's life!

I will miss John, my kids will miss John.

I am glad that I got to know John and he was a part of our lives!

I am blessed!

I love being together!
and I just love these pictures....

I love that we all love to go riding!!

I love that I have a teenager!!!

And my KarLee!!

......And my Husband~Ryan!

I am very very blessed in my life
I thank God for all he has given me!

Monday, July 20, 2009


15 years ago I lost my mother to a drunk driver.

My mother, Karelene and 3 month old Colby and I went for a walk, and were struck by a drunk driver.
My mother was killed instantly.
Colby was life flighted to Primary Children's hospital with a closed fractured skull, partial right nerve paresis with of his eye, and hemorrhaging on the brain.
I sustained a major open fracture to my right leg, my tibia and broke my left pelvis and really messed up my left knee, had 3 stables to the back of my head. Had abrasions all over my back, which I later found out I had fracture my back on the right side.
I almost lost the 2 people who mattered most to me that night.
I thank God for letting me keep my son!
Colby was at Salt lake for only 3 days. It is remarkable how babies can recover. I was told that he may have injuries that were undetected do to his hemorrhaging.
He had never been with anyone beside myself and my mother and Penny.
I was in the hospital for I think 15 days. I was in a wheel chair for 5-6 months. I really don't remember how many surgeries I had.
Colby had 5 surgeries on his one eyes and 1 on both.
He had went from a 3 month old back to new born stage.
He has TBI (traumatic brain injury, translation: learning difficulties.)
He had some seizures when he was younger, but nothing as he has gotten older.
I know that everything happens for a reason, and I will have to leave it at that........
What I want to remember most for today and every year on this day is:
My mothers love.
My mother's voice. How soft, and kind and warm it could be.
How she raised me.
With love and kindness, and passion for what we believe in.
Strength and courage.
I love you, mom,
today and everyday.
And we miss you.
I know that my mother is with God in heaven watching over me and my children.
I remember Colby waking up one morning when he was about 2yrs old, telling me that he "flew" with grandma.
So we know.

I am thankful for my mom and all the memories I have with and of her!

1. The most important 1.!! For her being her!
(and everyone how knew my mother, or "Mrs. Cloward" knows what I am talking about!!!)

2. All the cards and letters she would send us, to school or at camp. Wherever we would go, if she wasn't with us, she would make she to send us something in the mail while we were away!

3. Oh and my mothers hand writing.

Her making EACH of our birthdays special!!!

Always letting us have our friends and making it cool!

And cooking for us all!

For always taking us (and sometimes are friends too)to All the events!!!

For putting us with us!!!

And still loving us "no matter what"!

For ALWAYS being there for us!

For being the "best" GRANDMA to my Colby!!!

I am so thankful for having the chance to raise my son,
who is now a healthy 15 year old!

He was a awesome little boy!!!!

The best little traveler!

And has turned into a caring, loving Young MAN!

Every year we let off mauve balloons for my mother.

One for every year.

We send grandma a gift to Heaven, to show her we remember.

So if today you are near Blackfoot, and you see 15 PINK balloons,

They are for my mother,

and my sisters and brother's mother.

My children's grandmother,

my nephews and nieces grandmother.

My father's wife.

They are for

Karelene Allyce Coram Cloward!

And we love & miss her.


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Finally alittle R & R

Colby went to Mackay the week before the 4Th.
KarLee got rescued by Aunt Brandy & Uncle Greg!
Ryan and I got to stay home till the water was all gone in our basement, Wednesday till Friday we had water and water and than more water!

Mean while the kids got enjoy family and have lots of fun with all the cousins!!

Colby & Luke & Sydney!

And they got to go fishing with grandpa too!

KarLee caught a salmon!

And boy did they go fishing!

Colby caught the biggest!

We did finally make it!!!
Just in time to eat all the fish that they caught that morning!! It was good!
Then we had relaxation!! We so needed it!!

Just to sit and do NOTHING AT ALL!!
Good morning !!

Ryan & KarLee riding just as soon as we got there, she couldn't wait!

KarLee all dirty!!!

Of course we had to go riding!! My Uncle and Aunt came with us for a ride up Alder Creek, didn't make it all the way it started to rain on us, but was fun!!!

Lots of Fun!!

My dad, Linda, sister Amber and Brandy & her husband Greg and girls and then us!!!
Some of the cousins where following us in the jeep!!

The sisters!!!

KarLee and mom having fun!!

LOVE this picture, thanks Colby for that big huge smile :)!!!!
Love the helmets!! This cabin was cool!
(it had I HATE PEANUT BUTTER wrote on it??)

I love the mine hill!! And being with my kids having fun!!!

All of us sisters with OUR dad!!!

And some good fireworks at the reservoir!

It was a wonderful weekend!!! I hope we have more soon!!!

Love ya all!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

4th July 2009

The 4Th of July in Mackay is 1 of the best places to spend the Holiday!!!

Here are some pictures of how our family spent the day!!!

Every year (since I can remember) the town has a fishing pool, for every age group to try and catch a LIVE fish!!

Here it is full of duckings for the toddler group!!
This is my niece Sydney ready to catch a fish!
KarLee so ready!!
Oh yea!! She did it!! Got her a fish!!

She loves this!! Had such a blast!

Here is my cousin Shanell's little cute baby girl!! Who KarLee loves to babysit!!

My grandparents!!!

My niece's!!

My cousin, Katie (who sang at our wedding), here she is singing at the towns 4Th of July party!

Ryan & Colby relaxing watching the activities!

My friend, Angie & her husband
(We have been friends since we were little!
Lots of fun memories with her and her family!)

Sydney getting ready for the sack races!

KarLee getting ready ~set~ go!!

After with her grandpa!!

She didn't win, but had so much fun!!
They also have eggs races and the 3 legged man race!!

Ryan wearing KarLee's 4Th of July necklace, looking pretty darn cute!!

Yummy cotton candy!!!!

Over all it was a blast!!! Later we went to the fireworks out at the Mackay Reservoir!!
It was a wonderful weekend! Our first camping trip of the year!
(Will post those pictures soon!)