Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Finally alittle R & R

Colby went to Mackay the week before the 4Th.
KarLee got rescued by Aunt Brandy & Uncle Greg!
Ryan and I got to stay home till the water was all gone in our basement, Wednesday till Friday we had water and water and than more water!

Mean while the kids got enjoy family and have lots of fun with all the cousins!!

Colby & Luke & Sydney!

And they got to go fishing with grandpa too!

KarLee caught a salmon!

And boy did they go fishing!

Colby caught the biggest!

We did finally make it!!!
Just in time to eat all the fish that they caught that morning!! It was good!
Then we had relaxation!! We so needed it!!

Just to sit and do NOTHING AT ALL!!
Good morning !!

Ryan & KarLee riding just as soon as we got there, she couldn't wait!

KarLee all dirty!!!

Of course we had to go riding!! My Uncle and Aunt came with us for a ride up Alder Creek, didn't make it all the way it started to rain on us, but was fun!!!

Lots of Fun!!

My dad, Linda, sister Amber and Brandy & her husband Greg and girls and then us!!!
Some of the cousins where following us in the jeep!!

The sisters!!!

KarLee and mom having fun!!

LOVE this picture, thanks Colby for that big huge smile :)!!!!
Love the helmets!! This cabin was cool!
(it had I HATE PEANUT BUTTER wrote on it??)

I love the mine hill!! And being with my kids having fun!!!

All of us sisters with OUR dad!!!

And some good fireworks at the reservoir!

It was a wonderful weekend!!! I hope we have more soon!!!

Love ya all!!

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grrrma said...

Looks so fun. We want to go sometime. xoxo