Thursday, November 26, 2009

Give Thanks!

This is late, way late. This was our Thanksgiving day post. We didn't ever post??! Sorry, but better late than NEVER, right??

We are very THANKFUL and very BLESSED!!!

We are thankful for our families!!

For family dinners!

For Sisters!

Ryan's and mine!

Robyn & Ranay!

my sisters, Amber & Brandy

and Danyett!

We are thankful for are brothers!

Randy, and Rusty..... Very thankful!

And my brother Kasey!

And for my father(S)!


and Ryan's' father, Gary! (yes are fathers have the same name)

For Grandma's and Grandpa's!

and Grandma Reynolds

Colby and KarLee's grandma

and my Karen

We are just so very thankful for all of our family members, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins!

We are thankful for all of our friends!!!!

For my friends that I don't get to see often.
For old friends !

We are thankful for moments spent together!

Trips taken

Laughs had!

Shoes left in the way.............

Pictures taken!!!

For Shani and all of our childhood memories!


Most thankful for my memories of my mother !!
and all the things she taught me, and who I am thanks to her!
Thankful for all the things we did together!

And thankful for all the life's she touched.
Thankful for her being my Camp Fire Kids' & Blue Bird leader!

For all the loved ones we have had..............

I know that they are always with us!

For family traditions......

Oh all the memories!!

I give thanks for my husband,

and all the wonderful things he does for me,

and for all the good times we have together!

I give thanks for my son, Colby.

My for my daughter, KarLee bear

I am so very thankful for my kids!

All of our nephews' and niece's

For the soldiers and our country.

And most of all, We give thanks for our Faith in God!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

US 4!

The 4 of us!

(kinda of scary..ha ha!)

So these are my very bestest friends and have been all my life, well almost all my life. This is for them!!
Shani & Kami & April.........................
Let me tell you a story about each one....
2009, wow girls we are gettin old!!!
This is Shani, Shani Bart... Or Foo fer.... Wow am I going to get in trouble for that!! (good thing she doesn't read my blog, crap it re post on my facebook account.)
Shani and I are the same age....

Anyways, I have know her since??? Since we were babies or really early childhood? I remember lots about Shani and I. Like how she always got me in trouble at Church. Her dad and my dad were friends, you would have thought that they would have know better to let us be friends! Well actually we didn't get into as much trouble as the probably did!!
(will share more when we talk about Kami)

This is Shani and her husband Jake, cute baby boy Jhett!!! And her 1st baby her dog, and I can't believe I can't remember its name, I'll be in trouble for that one too! he he he!
I love her very much!! She has always been there for me and takin care of me when I have needed her most!!! (I wont tell you things this girl has had to do for.... but she will!!!HA HA)

Thank you Shani!

And this is April, or Ape! April has been my friends since 2ND grade. She lived down the street from my house. Her brother and my brother are also best friends.... And our fathers are friends! Imagine us being friends?? Weird?!!! April is a year younger than me....

April has also been there when I needed her to be as well!!!

April and I have gotten to "redo" projects together. She has taught me alot and I have taught her alot, like mum how to put a truck in 4-wheel drive! Oh and to remember to take a truck out of 4wheel drive!! HA HA!!! I love her!!

April and Shani are the LOUD ones out of us!! (just had to put that out there!) No really they are the pick em uppers!!! They never let us have a dull moment!!!

This is April and her son Knight!! I love them!!!! And I am thankful that even after her son broke his leg at my house she lets him come back!

We have had so many funny times together!! The time in Lava??! When I dared her to go talk to some stranger and I promised I would go with her, and then I got up and she walk toward him and I hurried and sat back down..... Actually I have done that to her a couple of times!! Oh the stories I could tell.... One of our favorite day is St Patty's day!!!! We both love road trips!! To anywhere!!! I just have to remember not to leave my shoes laying around!!!

Thank you April for being a bestest friend all this years!!!

These are Kami's Kids:

Colton, Bridger and Dylan and her only and only girl Bailey!!! I love them all to pieces!! Its funny how they are so different!! I love each and everyone of them!!!! Bridger has a special little place in all of ours hearts, cause we almost lost this little guy!!! And Bailey is the little girl Kami always wanted, and now ask WHY!!! hehe... We love her, cause she acts just like her momma!!! Colton also has her sassy little personality!!! Him and I have a love hate relationship.... ?! But really he loves me!!!! And I love him!! And then there is Dylan he loves me too!! And has always been sweet and loving to me, wait that's to my son that he is.... No really all of these kids LOVE my son to pieces!! He love to babysit them!!!

Now back to Kami, she has been my friends since I was in 6th or 7th grade. She is 1 year older than me and has always been like a big sister to me. She has always been there for me too!!! She drove all the way back from school in MT (right after she had just driven back there) when I had Colby!! And her parents have alwasy been there for me and my kids too!!! Her mother Penny took such good care of my son when we were in the accident. Penny drove to Salt Lake and stayed with my son and brought him home and cared for him when I was in the hospital. Have to tell another story not about me but my son. I was at a job interview......... Kami and Shani had taken Colby with them to ISU to pay tuition's, while playing peekaboo Colby fall and cracked his head open and Kami had a little bit of a "freak out moment" but thank goodness that Shani was there and took care of my son! Sorry Kami had to tell that one....
And now look at her with 4 kids!!! And tons of boo boos!!! (had to put mention that, just had too!)

Something we still all talk about is, for some reason my mother would always let me go with Kami even if I was grounded??! My mother loved her!!! I think all of our mother loved her??!

I could go on and on with stories!! And how all 3 of them have and will be there for me! Always!!!

Cause that is what BEST FRIENDS DO!!

And that is what us 4 are!!


Here are all of us with all of our children!!

And we also took some of our own families!

Ryan got called in to work, I thank he was thankful for the snow that day?!! Really us girls try to behave when we are together, especially now that we all have kids!!!

Here is my family!

We took some of the kids but they didn't turn out so good, the one that did didn't get loaded on here for some reason?! But I think the one of us turned out good!

And my hubby and me!!

I love my friends and I am Thankful for them!

They are and always will be part of my FAMILY!