Wednesday, November 18, 2009


So a couple weekends ago Miss KarLee went out of town with her grandma, and we went to work on her room! My wonderful hubby painted everything for me!!
KarLee has a nice but very outdated bedroom set! I thought we would do black and white and hot pink!!! Turn out so dang cute!! Ryan did an awesome job!! We have a few touch ups that we need to do but other than that its way cool!! Pre-teen room! And KarLee was completely surprised!! And LOVED it!

Here are some pictures of her "messy" room, I had to hurry to get everything ready for Ryan to paint as soon as she left! Colby was a big help as well!

Here is her bed with all her stuff from her
dresser & drawers piled up!

Took all the "little girl" things out and boxed them up!

Colby and my dad and sister and I made this for KarLee
I decided to get pink basket "things"
(there is one in the barbie house I used to see if they would work)
to put her all her yarn and sewing rings in!!
I don't have a picture with it done, and moved it to the closet for her!

I have been going to do a ballerina wall for Karlee
But still haven't got this done.
Mainly due because we are wanting to frame the mirror
and then need to figure out how to hang it.

After rearranging her room she will now have
this whole side of he room to dance away!!!
Once we get this framed and hung
Then there will be a hand rail that will run under the mirror
for Miss KarLee to dance & dance & dance!!

This is what Ryan's shop looked like!

He lined them up and painted away!!

First all the white things then
he did all the black things!!

Chair before and after!!

Picked up this cute fabric in Idaho Falls!

Refinished her chair seat!
Ryan painted the black stuff next and this is what it all turn out to look like!

I took some before and after of some but didn't get all the things before and I didn't get a good after picture of her room!

No before on the mirror

But here is the finished mirror, not hung up yet,
but looking good!

Here is the dresser. at one time I had tried to paint it purple.....

all her shelves, I divided half for white and half for black and a few for pink!

After! Ryan forgot to spray the front so some touch up!

Her headboard before, this is what all the pieces looked like before

and now after!!!!!!!!

Some before pictures

Some beautiful after pictures!!

Can you tell I was so very happy!!!
Her seat turn out so cute!

Love the look of her room!!
This is one of her walls
I waited until she came home to decide where she wanted to hang things up at!
(since it is her room!)

Had Ryan spray her letters, for now anyway....

And then since he was already painting I asked him to paint somethings or me!!!

This is a desk that was my grandmothers that was given to my mother than to me.

I had a hard time deciding if I should
But did

and love it!

So I had him paint the old computer desk and it turned out good too!

And then................

We decide to clean out the computer room/weight room...
(cause one day we will be using it for a much better reason.....)
And re did the "area" downstairs.
Everything turn out nice.

And then Ryan built me a wonderful craft table!!!!!! Finished product to come!!

Sorry I thought I took some pictures of this area done, but I must have forgot to put my card back in my camera!!! he he silly me!

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Brandee said...

I so love KarLee's new updated room - so preteen!! Love all the new painted furniture too!! Oh and um yes that "other" room will hopefully have a much better use someday!!