Wednesday, November 4, 2009

"My Want List" or/and "My To Do List"

Just because I was in a silly mood today!
Enjoy with me!

One day..... Probably in the far far future, I want to make a sign like this!
And I(I mean) WE will "remodel" our kitchen, and maybe put a nice saying like:
One day I want to put this Vinyl lettering in KarLee & Mine our scrap room!!

One day I want to do (and what I mean when I say do, is decorate it)
my laundry room......

I like this saying to put in our family computer area or libray area!!

I really like that saying!

Oh and 1 day I (againI mean) We will get new (prettyblue, yes BLUE)
washer & dryer (like the ones in the picture above)
and I will put one of these sayings in "OUR" laundry room!

One day....
Then I will move on to "OUR room"

I have done(and again meaning of done, almost decorated) Our Room and Colby and KarLee's Rooms, that pretty much all that are "done" besides the NEW mirror in the master bathroom(which is the only thing in that room for decor)

I like all 3 sayings!!
Maybe this in my upstairs front room!!

This in the middle bathroom
And maybe one day, this in the kids bathroom!!

And I think, 1 day I will put this in our downstairs frontroom.

oh and this down our stairway, (You know all the childrens fingerprints you see!
(I mean art work that I will miss someday sooner than later.)

And last but not less important for my "WANT*WILL HAVE*SOMEDAY"

I will have one of these! Its a Growth Chart!!!
(think I need do make one for my grandma's wall!!)

Oh and the baby in the picture too!!
One day!! Soon I hope :)!

and when we have one of those one day soon we will put this saying in
his or her room
and this one too?!

or maybe this one??!!!