Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Happy Birthday to Sadie

Happy Birthday to my niece!!!! KarLee and Colby's cousin!!

She is my sister Brandy's' daughter!

Since she live far far away, we are sending a big


This girl is full of spirit!!!

Very funny little girl!!
But can be very serious!!

And goofy!

And her and KarLee became bestest friends this summer!
They got to spend all lot of time getting to know each other!!

Sadie and Aunt amber

Sadie is a very loving and caring little girl!!
A great niece!
A big sister
a great daughter
(I know cause my sis told me so!!)

This is our whole family(Moms' side)

Summer 2007

From all of us here in IDAHO

We love you, SADIE BUG

and wish you

a very Happy Birthday!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Happy Birthday to my hubby!

Its Ryan's Birthday!!!
Happy happy happy birthday!!
I love you!
I am so very thankful for you!
"You had me the first time I seen you , it was your smile!"

Here are some of my favorites pictures of my wondeful, sweet, loving & caring husband!!!

I love him being goofy!

Just chilling, I love when he is all relaxed!

Taking a break from it all!

I love this pictures!

Remember this one??

I still laugh when I see!!

I remember how blessed we were that day, both days!

Looking smoking hot!

Isn't he so dang cute!!

I love that we enjoy doing the same things!

Here are 3 of my favorites of us!!!

My favorite wedding picture, of just us!

Our first Christmas together!!!

Our first summer!!
And I think first ever picture of us!!
I love "us"!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Here are some pictures of our weekend!! Hope you enjoy, we sure did!! From camping to riding 4 wheeler, to playing with family. Racoons and squirrels, leaves changing and playing cards! It was a fun, funny and most wonderful weekend in Isaland Park! Thanks for sharing with us Gary & Kathy and Derrick & Ranay and kids!!!
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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My dad is working in Alaska. He comes home once a month, and we try to go see him, when he comes into Idaho Falls airport!

Waiting for grandpa!
Grandma, KarLee, Maddie & Jayden

Erik (my step brother) & his wife JoAnna

Ryan, my love!


Grandma is telling the girls that Grandpa will be walking down the stairs sooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!

And finally, GRANDPA!!!

And there goes the girls to attack!!!! All the kids love Grandpa so much!!

He always has a crowd!

I think that Grandpa has to leave just to have a break!?

Poor Grandma has to share him every time he comes home!

We love grandpa!!! Its nice when he comes home!! I can't wait for next month, I think we might get to keep him for the WHOLE winter!!! Thank goodness Alaska gets so much snow that they have to shut down for the Winter!!! My dad "SAYS" that he is taking the winter off!!! We will see!!!! Can't wait for him to be done working, for good!!!!

We took the kids to Mackay for Labor day weekend, had a blast with grandpa!! It was a great weekend!!


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

We got there Friday night~early. Got all set up and Grandpa & Grandma come at!! With Maddie, my step brother's (Erik, Grandma Linda's son) daughter. Had dinner!!

We got to do LOTS!!!
Went for a drive to CHILI, to the cemetery.
There were ELK, can't see them but there was about 8

This is up above the cemetery. All that you can see is an orange hill.
And of course look in the HOLE!

The rocks are white crystals, when you clean them up.


Everyone loves to check out the rocks~

The view at the top above the cemetery

I love this mountain area! The views are wonderful!

Chili Cemetery

My grandpa Danton Cloward(step dad Danny) family is buried here.
My mother Karelene lived in Moore, Idaho since she was a kid, graduated from Arco.
My step dad's (Danny) family lived in Mackay, they met in Blackfoot?! Funny?!!!
My dad Gary and Karen met in Mackay, lived there.
My step mom Karen lived her whole life in Mackay, and all of her brothers & sister still live in Mackay.
Ryan's dad Gary (yea our dads have the same name) grew up in Arco too!!!

My Grandpa
I took alot of pictures of different families.

Different old head stones

My grandpa family

I Love the different head stones(or should I say here, wooden ones)

It was fun to look all around, and we do every time we come.


All the kids took turns driven!
It was really nice that day!

THEN BACK TO EAT!!!!!!!!!!

Yummy yummy food!

Fish from Alaska that my dad brought home
Linda went to Alaska to visit my dad and they went fishing!!




Girls giggled alot!! Had such good times! Good memories!
Went fishing!!!

And we got a surprise visit from Ryan's parents!!!!!

We took them up to the spill way!
So awesome!

LOVE this area!!

Can't wait to go camping this weekend with them!!!!! I am so glad that we are getting some camping in before the "snow starts to fly"!!