Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Happy Birthday to Sadie

Happy Birthday to my niece!!!! KarLee and Colby's cousin!!

She is my sister Brandy's' daughter!

Since she live far far away, we are sending a big


This girl is full of spirit!!!

Very funny little girl!!
But can be very serious!!

And goofy!

And her and KarLee became bestest friends this summer!
They got to spend all lot of time getting to know each other!!

Sadie and Aunt amber

Sadie is a very loving and caring little girl!!
A great niece!
A big sister
a great daughter
(I know cause my sis told me so!!)

This is our whole family(Moms' side)

Summer 2007

From all of us here in IDAHO

We love you, SADIE BUG

and wish you

a very Happy Birthday!