Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My dad is working in Alaska. He comes home once a month, and we try to go see him, when he comes into Idaho Falls airport!

Waiting for grandpa!
Grandma, KarLee, Maddie & Jayden

Erik (my step brother) & his wife JoAnna

Ryan, my love!


Grandma is telling the girls that Grandpa will be walking down the stairs sooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!

And finally, GRANDPA!!!

And there goes the girls to attack!!!! All the kids love Grandpa so much!!

He always has a crowd!

I think that Grandpa has to leave just to have a break!?

Poor Grandma has to share him every time he comes home!

We love grandpa!!! Its nice when he comes home!! I can't wait for next month, I think we might get to keep him for the WHOLE winter!!! Thank goodness Alaska gets so much snow that they have to shut down for the Winter!!! My dad "SAYS" that he is taking the winter off!!! We will see!!!! Can't wait for him to be done working, for good!!!!

We took the kids to Mackay for Labor day weekend, had a blast with grandpa!! It was a great weekend!!


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