Monday, November 19, 2012

KarLee is a Blackfoot High School Cheerleader!

 Freshman Year!

Her team (BHS)  was
2012 UCA CHEER Camp Champs!

The cheerleaders put on a mini cheer camp!! Then perform with the little girls at on of the Football games!!

Colby's gone to College

College Life!!  (aka/Dorm Life)

2012-2013 Big Sky Region Standings
 Northwest College #1 9/7/2012 - 9/7/2012
 Northwest College #2 9/8/2012 - 9/8/2012
 Montana State University, Northern 9/14/2012 - 9/16/2012
 Miles Community College 9/21/2012 - 9/23/2012
 University of Montana, Western 9/28/2012 - 9/30/2012
Standings as of Oct 1, 2012
Men's TeamPoints
1.Montana State UniversityMTSU2,858.50
2.University of Montana, WesternUMTW2,143.50
3.Northwest CollegeNWC1,797.50
4.Miles Community CollegeMILES1,549.50
5.Montana State University, NorthernNMTC1,297.50
6.University of Great FallsGREATF689.33
7.University of MontanaUMT471.00
8.Dawson Community CollegeDAWSON276.00
Women's TeamPoints
1.Montana State UniversityMTSU1,623.50
2.University of Montana, WesternUMTW1,391.75
3.Northwest CollegeNWC979.00
4.University of Great FallsGREATF785.33
5.University of MontanaUMT640.50
6.Miles Community CollegeMILES539.00
7.Dawson Community CollegeDAWSON252.00
8.Little Big Horn CollegeLBHC13.00
9.Montana State University, NorthernNMTC10.00
Men's All-aroundPoints
1.Erickson, Ty JeremyMTSU858.50
2.Lahaye, Kody WayneUMTW803.00
3.Barstow, Austin JacobMTSU609.00
Saddle Bronc RidingPoints
1.Schroth, Travis JohnMILES543.0
2.Wagner, Robert DeanNMTC516.0
3.Schroth, Dillon FrankMILES406.5
4.Fugere, Ian GMILES393.0
5.Brooks, Chase TrumanMTSU288.5
6.Hollenback, Tanner JosephGREATF195.0
7.Green, Kendall CraigMTSU172.5
8.Shields, Philip TimothyUMTW163.0
9.Peterson, Daulton JohnDAWSON105.0
10.Christensen, Chisholm BenjaminMTSU60.0
11.Reinhardt, Keenan WadeMTSU54.5
12.Sutherland, Phillip KaneNMTC50.0
12.Hall, Douglas JosephUMTW50.0
14.Friend, Tyler ClarkUMTW30.0
15.Mummau, Adam ChristopherNMTC10.0
15.Giannini, Colby ShaneUMTW10.0
So after the Fall Rodeo season Colby
is setting in 15th place,
his FRESHMAN year, not bad! 

The University has a lot of different shows/concerts that the college kids get into FREE!!  This event Colby was asked to help do security.

1st Snow of  the season in Dillon MT!

                                        Colby knows the story here!! LOL!! Sage junction/Port