Tuesday, September 30, 2008

How we met.....

And the Story goes...........

My father owns a gas station. Ryan drove the fuel truck.

Need to say more?! Ok here the rest....
One day we ran into each other in Idaho Falls, he was with his friends and I was with April. The date was March 3, 2007.
We talked a little, since we really never did when he delivered fuel to my work, he just always smiled that smile of his!

Then it was about a week later he was in the fuel truck (ITS BIG) he park right in the middle of the road- its a double lane with a meridian, but still in the middle of the road!?!! And the thing was that we had already had gas delivered, so I knew he was coming to talk to me!!

He asked me to go for Ice Cream~ (not a big fan of Ice cream, so it was funny to me!) I gave him my number and just like that he was out the door!

Me being me wasn't going to wait another week for him to call, so I called his boss!! He's a real good guy and I knew he would give it to me!! And he did!!! I called and we did go have a milkshake!! I ended up having to pick him up and he had spilt diesel on him, and yes he was still so very cute!!

Ryan is a wonderful person, husband and a good step father! We are very lucky to have him!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Ryan's B-day!!!

Happy Birthday Ryan, my husband!
We went for a drive to Sheep Camp (Palisades)
I think that was what it was called..
It was a beautiful canyon!! The leaves havent all turned still alot of green!
Had a picinic lunch and skip rock below the dam
and I took lots of pictures, will post soon!!
Our first professional picture
Mackay's Mine Hill~Summer 2007
Xmas 2007
Ryan with me & my kids!
Ryan and his friends at the races!

Ryan working on our house

(the basement!)
And more work


He is so cute!

Silly guy!

He loves to ride this!


Being silly!

Island Park 2007

Ryan & his brothers & sisters!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Wedding prep work!

So here are some more pictures, this time of all the people who helped! Ryan and my wedding was so very wonderful and meant so much to me and him, Thanks again from our hearts!! We are loved!! And we love each and every one

You can't really see it but all the vases have sayings on them,

Ryan did all of that part!
They were wonderful!!
Hard workers!! Thank you all!!

The Candles

The Cake

(Not so happy with it~Thanks to the girls for fixing it)

The Flowers

(SO wonderful~Thanks to my step Mom Karen

& sister & Grandma & Aunt Kandi!)

More beautiful flowers!!

and they did all the food!!

Looks so good now!

Jen & Lisa workin hard
Tiff workin it!

Thank you Jen!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Our Reception

We really think everyone had a good time and know we did! Thank you all for coming and sharing our special day!

All the little cousins!I don't think they really want to do this!

I think its cute!
My step sister Lori and family

My dad
My Step Brother & his sweet little angel!
My Step Sister Michelle & Chelsey!
Erik & his family!!

How sweet!
My Dad & Linda
My Uncle & Aunt
I love my kids!!
Sylvia & Me
(she came from Texas!!)

Ryan with JD & V
Peter & Jen & Bride & Groom!
Bryce & Cristin

These are Ryan's friends!!

The Bride & Groom with good friends
Mike & Tiffany

These girls were so ready to do anything I asked!!

And they are just so cute!
Ryan's Aunt and Uncle from Canada!Dancing !!

Ryan's whole Family!!!

Ryan & Me
(I love this one!)

Our Wedding was everything we wanted and so much more!!!

Thanks to all that helped us!!

We love you all!!