Monday, September 15, 2008

Wedding prep work!

So here are some more pictures, this time of all the people who helped! Ryan and my wedding was so very wonderful and meant so much to me and him, Thanks again from our hearts!! We are loved!! And we love each and every one

You can't really see it but all the vases have sayings on them,

Ryan did all of that part!
They were wonderful!!
Hard workers!! Thank you all!!

The Candles

The Cake

(Not so happy with it~Thanks to the girls for fixing it)

The Flowers

(SO wonderful~Thanks to my step Mom Karen

& sister & Grandma & Aunt Kandi!)

More beautiful flowers!!

and they did all the food!!

Looks so good now!

Jen & Lisa workin hard
Tiff workin it!

Thank you Jen!

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