Monday, November 19, 2012

KarLee is a Blackfoot High School Cheerleader!

 Freshman Year!

Her team (BHS)  was
2012 UCA CHEER Camp Champs!

The cheerleaders put on a mini cheer camp!! Then perform with the little girls at on of the Football games!!

Colby's gone to College

College Life!!  (aka/Dorm Life)

2012-2013 Big Sky Region Standings
 Northwest College #1 9/7/2012 - 9/7/2012
 Northwest College #2 9/8/2012 - 9/8/2012
 Montana State University, Northern 9/14/2012 - 9/16/2012
 Miles Community College 9/21/2012 - 9/23/2012
 University of Montana, Western 9/28/2012 - 9/30/2012
Standings as of Oct 1, 2012
Men's TeamPoints
1.Montana State UniversityMTSU2,858.50
2.University of Montana, WesternUMTW2,143.50
3.Northwest CollegeNWC1,797.50
4.Miles Community CollegeMILES1,549.50
5.Montana State University, NorthernNMTC1,297.50
6.University of Great FallsGREATF689.33
7.University of MontanaUMT471.00
8.Dawson Community CollegeDAWSON276.00
Women's TeamPoints
1.Montana State UniversityMTSU1,623.50
2.University of Montana, WesternUMTW1,391.75
3.Northwest CollegeNWC979.00
4.University of Great FallsGREATF785.33
5.University of MontanaUMT640.50
6.Miles Community CollegeMILES539.00
7.Dawson Community CollegeDAWSON252.00
8.Little Big Horn CollegeLBHC13.00
9.Montana State University, NorthernNMTC10.00
Men's All-aroundPoints
1.Erickson, Ty JeremyMTSU858.50
2.Lahaye, Kody WayneUMTW803.00
3.Barstow, Austin JacobMTSU609.00
Saddle Bronc RidingPoints
1.Schroth, Travis JohnMILES543.0
2.Wagner, Robert DeanNMTC516.0
3.Schroth, Dillon FrankMILES406.5
4.Fugere, Ian GMILES393.0
5.Brooks, Chase TrumanMTSU288.5
6.Hollenback, Tanner JosephGREATF195.0
7.Green, Kendall CraigMTSU172.5
8.Shields, Philip TimothyUMTW163.0
9.Peterson, Daulton JohnDAWSON105.0
10.Christensen, Chisholm BenjaminMTSU60.0
11.Reinhardt, Keenan WadeMTSU54.5
12.Sutherland, Phillip KaneNMTC50.0
12.Hall, Douglas JosephUMTW50.0
14.Friend, Tyler ClarkUMTW30.0
15.Mummau, Adam ChristopherNMTC10.0
15.Giannini, Colby ShaneUMTW10.0
So after the Fall Rodeo season Colby
is setting in 15th place,
his FRESHMAN year, not bad! 

The University has a lot of different shows/concerts that the college kids get into FREE!!  This event Colby was asked to help do security.

1st Snow of  the season in Dillon MT!

                                        Colby knows the story here!! LOL!! Sage junction/Port

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Gary Grant Hames

Gary Grant Hames, 64, of Mackay passed away Tuesday, Aug. 21, 2012, at his home following a battle with cancer. His final days were spent surrounded by family.

Gary was born Dec. 13, 1947, in Phoenix, Ariz., to Vernon and Luella (Porritt) Hames. Gary, the seventh of 10 kids, was a rambunctious boy who maintained his spitfire attitude throughout his adult life. Gary’s childhood and the family’s travels provided many great memories that he loved to reminisce about and share. His greatest friends throughout his life were always his siblings and their spouses.

In 1969, Gary settled in Blackfoot and married Karelene Coram. Their first daughter, Alicia Brandy was born on Gary’s birthday in 1973. A second daughter, Angela Rae, was born June 10, 1975. Gary and Karelene were later divorced.

In the fall of 1975, Gary moved to Mackay and worked as an auto mechanic and later as the City of Mackay maintenance supervisor.

In 1976 he married Karen McKelvey. Gary’s third daughter, Amber Eileen, was born Oct. 21, 1979. In 1980, the family moved to Alaska and Gary started working for Brown Construction as a heavy equipment operator. It wasn’t long before he was considered one of the best equipment operators in the business. The family spent five years traveling around Alaska before moving back to Mackay. Gary and Karen were later divorced.

Gary spent the last 22 years with the love of his life, Linda; his family was completed with the addition of Linda’s four children, Lori, Michelle, Valkyrie and Erik. Gary and Linda lived in Tonopah, Nev.; Challis, and Blackfoot before settling for good in Mackay.

However, Gary’s “gypsy” blood never allowed him to stay put in one place for long. Although his home was in Mackay, he continued to travel, working in the mining industry, first as a heavy equipment operator and later as a superintendent.

As a boss, Gary was a mentor to many he worked with. His work was his hobby and yielded many lifelong friends; many of whom will always remember him saying “You might want to pick it up a notch or two.”

In 2010, Gary retired and was finally ready to settle down and enjoy being at home in Mackay. However, not one to sit idle, it wasn’t long before he had a new business idea and decided to start Top of Idaho ATV Rentals with his daughter Amber. The next summer Gary opened G&L Lube and began renting four- wheelers and using his mechanical expertise. The shop was a great place for Gary to reconnect with his “old” Mackay friends, putter around with his “hound dogs” and to restore a 1966 El Camino with his grandson Colby.

Although Gary worked and lived in many different places he was happiest in Mackay riding a four-wheeler on the mine hill, fishing from his boat on the reservoir and sharing his love of the outdoors with all his grandchildren. His last two years of his life were spent doing exactly what he loved most; camping, fishing, hunting and riding four-wheelers with his family.

Survivors include his wife, Linda; children Alicia Brandy (Greg) Hammack, Angela Rae (Ryan) Reynolds, Amber Eileen Hames; stepchildren Lori (Kevin) Ross, Michelle Applegate, Valkyrie Loman, Erik (JoAnna) Peterson; 16 grandchildren and 7 great-grandchildren; 2 brothers, George (Jan) Hames and Jasper (Jan) Hames; 5 sisters, Melba (Delbert) Hellickson, Jerrine (Ron Woods) Clure, Bona (Jim) Merrill, Margo (Mike) Clure and Darlene Kidd; and numerous nieces and nephews.

He was preceded in death by his father, mother, his brother Milan, his sister Verla and a granddaughter, Addison Kathelene Reynolds.

A memorial service will be held Saturday, Sept. 1, 2012, at 1 p.m. at the Mackay High School Auditorium. Arrangements under the direction of Lost River Funeral Chapel in Arco.

Monday, June 18, 2012

“Father’s Day – Conflict”

Here we are, another event that is about to occur that triggers emotions in men that have lost a child (or have lost a dad for that matter), Father’s Day. Since I have lost two children during different times of the year, I have the pleasure of dealing with multiple event triggers throughout the year. It seems like my wife and I are constantly thinking about birthdays, death days, Holidays, Father’s and Mother’s Day.

I was telling my wife that I was struggling with writing a topic about Father’s Day this year. I was looking for something profound to write about, something that will strike a cord and be different from other Father’s Day topics. My wife said, “Why, does it have to be “so powerful, speak from the heart and the truth about these types of days.”” Excellent point. As our conversation went on, we started to discuss how for her, Mother’s Day is an internal conflict. She wants to be recognized as a mother, but she also struggles with the fact she has no living children.

I thought about that for a while and I have to say this internal conflict occurs on most of these trigger days. You do not want anyone to forget you are a father or that you have lost a child, but it’s also is a tough day. Bittersweet from the standpoint that I am proud to be their daddy, but it’s hard not to be able to spend the day with them or get a phone call wishing you Happy Father’s Day. I often get annoyed during these times because I rarely get a Father’s Day wish from my direct family, but I know others in the family are receiving them. It’s like since my children are dead, I am no longer a Father. That is the conflict, I know they don’t believe that, but sometimes I allow myself to think they do. It goes back to the internal struggle of do we acknowledge the day or do we not.

Over the years, my wife and I have decided to acknowledge these days by giving cards that are not only from each other, but also from Katie and Noah. Sure it triggers emotion, but is that such a bad thing? I have come to learn that it’s not. I believe they deserve for me to feel the pain of losing them. I don’t mean all day, every day, but just for a moment.

I was on a phone call yesterday with a guy that I do business with as part of my job. I know he lost a baby to SIDS 25 years ago. I asked him, “How are you with Father’s Day?” He responded with “I am ok with it, it took me a while to get to the point, but it doesn’t trigger the emotion it did early on”. I thought about what he said and I agreed with what he said. Although the day was tough early on, it has become a day where I feel a strong sense of pride to be the dad of my two beautiful babies. I love the feeling of being their dad. Yeah, I wish they were here to spend the day with me, but I know they’re with me in other ways.

Wishing each and every one of you a Happy Father’s Day.

How do you plan on spending Father’s Day this year?

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

On Thursday my son will graduate, and YES I will cry like a baby.

There are no words to describe how proud of him I am, and excited that this day is here... 
This is a quote that describe Colby! 

"If you can imagine it, you can achieve it,
if you can dream it, you can become it.”

He has always "imagined" such big things, and he has achieved so much and over came so much, his DREAMS have always been HUGE!   I know my son will keep on dreaming and will keep achieving!!!! HAPPY GRADUATION COLBY SHANE!! 

Now if you know Colby's story you know that we were told this day might not happen.... 
When Colby was 3 months old he (and my mother and I) was hit by a drunk driver while he was in his stroller.  The Dr's said that they could not guarantee that due to his head trauma that one day he could just stop learning. And he has struggled but he has over come and a has done so much!! 
Never would I have thought my son would be riding SADDLE BRONCs!

I want to say thank you to all of you who have always been there for my son!!  1st to GOD and then to Barry Adams for coming that night of the accident and helping save my son life

To all my family and friends who have shown so much love and support!  My friends have always been FAMILY.  Penny & Dick Severin for being like grandparents to my son and taking care of him when I was in the hospital!  I can not name all of the wonderful people who have done so much for us for all of these years!!  

But it is because of each and everyone of you that Colby is where he is today!


I love all the memories we have shared!

Colby has tons of love for his family! 

He loves
his sisters! 

Taylor & Ashlyn

& Addison

And his brothers!


& Kyler

And a great COUSIN!



 Colby has always loved all of his aminals!

His grandma would and is so proud too!!