Friday, May 29, 2009


"Courage is being scared to death - and saddling up anyway."
-John Wayne

Watch all the way to the end, Colby has a good ride right at the end!! It was in American Falls!

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Buckle's and buckle's

I am so proud & Happy for Colby!! He took 1st in the District for Cutting & 3rd for Saddle broncs'!!!

I had a hard time getting him to take it off!! As soon as he got it he put it on!! I remember when he got his first buckle ~ It was at the Little Buckaroo, in FIRTH, as soon as they handed him that buckle it was on!!

2009~3rd Place

District 4 Boys Cutting

OK He is done with mom!!

Congratulations COLBY!!!

What a freshman year!!! Pretty good Rodeo 1st year!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Caden!

It was one of Ryan's nephews 3rd birthday on Monday!
Just wanted to say Happy Birthday, and sorry this is late!

Just wanted him to know we love him! And we all wish him a very Happy Birthday!!
Wish we could see & play with him more!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Happy Birthday KarLee Bear!!

KarLee Troy Giannini


My KarLee Bear!

MAY 20th, 1998 @ 2:16 p.m.!!!
Delieverd by Dr Larsen @ Bingham Memorial, Blackfoot Idaho!
I remember it took awhile to get KarLee!!
Colby was so excited to be a big Brother!!!!
He pick out almost every outfit I bought for KarLee (before she was born)! She had some really cute outfits, too! There was a cute little PINK baseball outfit! I think almost everything was PINK! OR PEACH!
She was a good baby, OK not really but who wants to say that?! She could have been worse, she was a good baby, she was temper mental!!
WHAT I remember.....
That she loved her crib! And bed time was at 7 p.m.
No matter where we were, she would scream till I took her home to her crib!
I remember that one night, we where at a rodeo in Blackfoot and she was throwing a fit, so finally I took her home to put her to bed. As soon as she was in her crib she was fine! I remember her smiling at me as soon as I laid her in it, I do believe it was because she got her way!! And that's when it started!!!
She hated the car!
We actually stopped going to Mackay, cause this little girl would SCREAM and I mean SCREAM the WHOLE way there!!
She potty trained herself at 18months! Really!
But she hated to poop in the toilet?
She hated to use other bathrooms than ours. But when she become OK with it she wanted to go into every bathroom at every store!
One time she got me pulled over because I couldn't keep her buckled in her car seat!! I remember telling the cop that he needed to tell her that she would have to go to jail if she wont stay in it, he looked at me really funny but did it! And the next time she got out I warned her I was going to take her to jail, and she NEVER did it again!!! I KNOW IT WAS HARSH, but you gotta do what you need to to keep then SAFE!! Mean momma!
She was and is a mommy's girl!
She loves to play on her trampoline, ride her bike and dance dance dance
She loves and I mean LOVES to read!!! Excels in school!

KarLee loves to go to Ross Park and swim, still loves to go anywhere and swim!!!

Not totally into fishing, but loves being with her family!!

Loves to go camping and 4wheeling being with her brother and cousins playing!!

LOVES HALLOWEEN! ( My little kitty cat and her brother Bugs Bunny!!)



Her Grandpa GARY!!

Grandpa Daisy

& her cousins

Aunt Brandy

& Aunt Amber



LOVES David Archuleta!
Her brother got her his CD for her birthday, but wrote David ENchuleta... Thats him tease her aka LOVING her!


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Blackfoot High School Rodeo

FRIDAY night Rodeo!!!

Yep they were bucking!!

Here he his riding.....

Here he is SAFE and SOUND!



And here he is trying not to get buck off!

Here is a close up of Colby grabbing the fence!

NO 8 Seconds, but I have A safe unhurt 15 yr old son still!! And he had fun and is learning and improving every ride!!!
Here are some pictures of the other boys!

This is Riley, he is a senior this year! I am friends with his parents and he even use to babysit my kids! He is who taught them how to ride a toybox lid down the stairs!! It really is fun to watch all the boys!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

This is for my mom!

~Happy Mother's Day Mom!

Karelene Allyce Coram Cloward

I miss her so much and I wish she was still here. There are those days when every girl just wants or needs their mom, trust me I have a million of those days!
I do love that I can close my eyes and see her face.

(this isn't me, I thinkk its my little sis, Yette)

Its been almost 15 yrs since I went for that walk with my mother. I remember everything about that last day. Penny had wanted to keep Colby that day while I worked, usually I took him to Penny in the morning and then on my lunch hour I would go get him and take him to my mom, and she would watch him the rest of the day. I felt bad because my mom was alone, my dad was gone driving truck and my brother and sister were in California. So after work I remember that my mom had wanted to start walking, so I thought I would take Colby for a ride in his stroller and walk over and get grandma and we could walk back toward my apartment. When I got to my moms' house my brother and sister called, my mom took the phone out to the dogs to let them talk, she was so funny!!!
I remember so many different things about her. Her hair after she colored, the way it looked. I remember her putting on her make up, in her room, sitting there looking in the mirror. I wonder if she knew how much I really did see her? I remember the after school snacks she would have ready everyday for us after school, and the "after school specials" she always wanted us to watch!
I remember her taking care of me when I got Scarlet fever, and missed so much school. When I went back to school one of my teachers wouldn't let me make up my homework, because she had I hadn't really been sick, and yep my mom took care of her!!!! She took such good care of all of us! My mother drove school bus ( yea when we got into trouble at home, we even got to sit in the front sit on the bus) and worked in the lunchroom at the school next door, which was the elementary school we all went to. All the kids called her "Mrs. Cloward"! I remember my friends coming over and they would call her that, it always sounded so funny to me!?! My mom was our Blue Bird leader for The Camp Fire Kids. My dad and mom would take all of us (and there was alot of us) camping and on flied trips. We always had friends at our home! She loved animals, we had baby goats. The mom had 3 and one was really small and the mom wouldn't take care of it so my mom brought it in the house!! It wore a diaper and we took it camping with us!

Her favorite color was a very pretty pink, mauve (SP?) my kids and I always try to find roses in that color, to put on her grave.
My mother loved everyone & everything in life!

I do know she is still with us and that is comforting. I know that she is proud of me.
I am glad she was my mother! I am so very happy that she got to be a grandmother.

Try to to slow down and just live and enjoy every minute of everyday!
And to all those mothers out there "love those children and try not to blink"!

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! To every mother everywhere!!!
Happy Mothers Day to my step Mom Karen and to my Mother-In-Law Kathy, & to my Grandma McKelvey, and to Linda & to Ryan's Grandma Louis! And a special Happy Mothers day to Debbie and Vicky!! Thank you for being my mother's Bestest Friends and still being there for me! I love you all so much, thank you all for being apart of our lives!!

(This is my step Mom Karen and sis's, Brandy & Amber at my great grandmother house in Mackay??)

(My Mother In Law~KATHY)