Wednesday, May 6, 2009

More Rodeo's!

Here are pictures from Colby's Rodeo in American Falls last Friday night!
Here are all the guys getting ready!

Oh and he made a qualifying ride last Saturday at the last Pocatello rodeo! Rode for a full 8 seconds, horse didn't buck and decide to just stand there for the 8 seconds! So he rode and scored an 8... Yeah that's it, normally its around a 58 or 68, they judge the rider and the horse. He said no on a re ride (all they have to due is have 1 qualified ride to make it to State, and so far Colby and 1 other boy have made a qualified ride, that's it).
Friday night in Pocky it was a totally different story!! His horse was bucking like crazy in the Chute, when they open the chute it was still a bucking and off went Colby (thank goodness!).
Didn't make the 8 seconds, but he rode! And is improving each ride!
Once again save on the ground! No 8 seconds, not one of the boys rode this weekend...
Be back at again on Friday at 7pm in American Falls and again Saturday morning right at 11am.
Then to Blackfoot the next 2 weekends!

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