Thursday, May 28, 2009


Buckle's and buckle's

I am so proud & Happy for Colby!! He took 1st in the District for Cutting & 3rd for Saddle broncs'!!!

I had a hard time getting him to take it off!! As soon as he got it he put it on!! I remember when he got his first buckle ~ It was at the Little Buckaroo, in FIRTH, as soon as they handed him that buckle it was on!!

2009~3rd Place

District 4 Boys Cutting

OK He is done with mom!!

Congratulations COLBY!!!

What a freshman year!!! Pretty good Rodeo 1st year!

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Ranay said...

Way 2 Go Colby! That is GREAT! Congrats. So glad you didn't get hurt - way to be brave.