Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Here are some pictures of KarLee's volleyball games in Shelley last weekend. Ryan and I and Kathy (Ryan's mom) and my sister Danyette (who was in town visiting form California)had fun watching the games!
Playing the Firth Team

KarLee can serve so much better now!

Playing some more volleyball, against the Shelley Team.

All of the girls have learn so much! And improved! Its been fun watching KarLee and the other girls!! Thanks to Julie her coach, who has done an awesome!!

KarLee's last game will be this weekend in Idaho Falls, starting at 8am!! Not sure if I will get to make it, since Colby will be riding in American Falls at 11am, I wish I could be in 2 places at once!! I am sure every mother has needed to be!!!
Next up is soccer!!!! I love that Blackfoot soccer is only during the week! 1 practice 1 game all during the week days!! Busy week still ahead, KarLee has her 5Th grade track meet tomorrow and then a field trip to Jensen's Grove Friday!! Please weather be good!!
Next week DARE DAYS!!! Can you tell school is wrapping up??!!
Oh and KarLee help put together a school newspaper!!! Its been a long week!!
And guess what??! We are starting on the SHOP!!! Yeap Thursday they break ground!!

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