Sunday, November 1, 2009

So today after Church, I came home to make more applesauce, jelly, and bread....Dinner.
And post this blog.

The bread rising away
(I cheated, it was a frozen loaf of dough, hey I was busy enough)
The applesauce and jelly...... and a floral arrangement I made!

This is all the garage from pealing the apples.
You cook on low for 60 minutes. Well first you add 1/2 cup lemon juice and rosemary. Then cook. Then put over cheese cloth, and wait. Overnight. Then you see what you got. (Do not mash, push the stuff). Well with all this stuff, after waiting till morning, I got a half a cup?! Then you mix a 1/2 cup sugar(equal parts). Then you bring to a boil, until reaching 220 on a candy thermometer.

And this is all I got, But wow it was good! Its almost gone!!
We all loved it!! Making more now!

Here are some pictures from last night!!
Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!

My friends April's house! She loves Halloween!

It was awesome!


Her daughter helping finishing up

The yard rocked!
Her way so cute, I mean scary son.

Mommy was proud!!!!

This is what I made for our family Halloween dinner (a couple nights earlier)
Red & white lasagna.

And this is something I made
(Its in the picture with the applesauce)

And this..... I really have had fun making things!

We made camel apples, and the Halloween sign!

and candied apples...(didn't turn out so good, went and got a candy thermometer!)

I have been enjoying Ryan's' new shop.... and he has been good to share!

KarLee and I love making these cute sign.
She has learned how to sand wood!

Happy Halloween!!! 2009!
guess how many days till Christmas??
I know I can't believe I said it either!

It was still fun, but it was way different for me too. There were no school parties for me to help with. No treat making for parties. No kiddos with me to take trick or treating.
That part was sad for me. But still want to say thanks to my hubby for taking me to dinner and to good friends to share the night with!
You all made my night, a Happy Halloween!

Good night, I'm tired!


Jenmenke said...

Oh! you made the jelly from my post! AWESOME! But you only got 1/2 cup of juice from all those apple peels and cores? Did you had some water when you cooked the apples? I add water to almost cover the peelings and stuff. And I let that cook on very low heat 1, 2, 3 -- whatever-- hours. Then strain it. From looking at your cheesecloth, it didn't look like there was enough liquid. It sure looks pretty, though. I bet it was a strong apple flavor! But good? Anyway, thanks for making it!

jenmenke said...

Did you ADD some water, is what I meant to say. Not had!