Thursday, November 19, 2009

Apples & APPLES & Apples

I had lots of apples this year!! I made applesauce and jelly and syrup..... And there was still alot of apples!!

1 box left of theses

and still these to tubs

and 1 1/2 box of these.............

So we went to do this

We made apple cider!!!!!!!!!! 15 gallons of cider!

It was so much fun with the kids!!!!!!!

This is "JONES Apple Orchard", in Blackfoot!!!

We first went to his apple orchard with Colby's Cub Stout's group!!

He is so good with all kids!!
He really makes it fun!!

If anyone wants info call me!!!
It is good family time!!

I sure hope that when my kids have kids
that they take them and do this with their kids!

The apple machine is awesome and FAST!
Will have more pictures to post of the gallons and gallons!!

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