Tuesday, July 14, 2009

4th July 2009

The 4Th of July in Mackay is 1 of the best places to spend the Holiday!!!

Here are some pictures of how our family spent the day!!!

Every year (since I can remember) the town has a fishing pool, for every age group to try and catch a LIVE fish!!

Here it is full of duckings for the toddler group!!
This is my niece Sydney ready to catch a fish!
KarLee so ready!!
Oh yea!! She did it!! Got her a fish!!

She loves this!! Had such a blast!

Here is my cousin Shanell's little cute baby girl!! Who KarLee loves to babysit!!

My grandparents!!!

My niece's!!

My cousin, Katie (who sang at our wedding), here she is singing at the towns 4Th of July party!

Ryan & Colby relaxing watching the activities!

My friend, Angie & her husband
(We have been friends since we were little!
Lots of fun memories with her and her family!)

Sydney getting ready for the sack races!

KarLee getting ready ~set~ go!!

After with her grandpa!!

She didn't win, but had so much fun!!
They also have eggs races and the 3 legged man race!!

Ryan wearing KarLee's 4Th of July necklace, looking pretty darn cute!!

Yummy cotton candy!!!!

Over all it was a blast!!! Later we went to the fireworks out at the Mackay Reservoir!!
It was a wonderful weekend! Our first camping trip of the year!
(Will post those pictures soon!)

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