Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Almost finished...................

Here is the shop before metal!
Robby and Ryan put the windows in and Ryan installed the "Man" door.
Robby came and trimmed out everything before hand! Robby is the man!!
One side done Two sides done
Half of the back

Work work work Ryan, Robby & Rusty(the3 R's??)
Look at the brothers!! Leaving Rusty up on there :)


How awesome are they!!! Did all this Saturday, came back Sunday and finished the roof!!
All ready for garage doors & Electrical!!
Thank you ROBBY & RUSTY and love you hubby!

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grrrma said...

It's looks awesome!! Can't wait to see it. Great to see those sons working together.
Love the siding on the house also. You guys work so hard and it's wonderful to see the results. xoxo