Saturday, June 6, 2009

Our Shop/my garage/Ryans Shop!

Here is the progress on the SHOP, yes I am going to call it a shop, not a garage.
I am happy and sad about this. Why? I am so happy for Ryan to have a shop and to clean out our house and to be able to move him out of his dad's space! But sad because I know that this is where RYAN will be atleast for a couple months non stop. I will miss my husband! I hope I will be able to hang out with him!! Or I might not see him, thank goodness for MEALS!
Kyle, Bryce, Jason, Pete & Mace........ We love you guys!

The floors & walls & footings poured and finish. We had this done, but Ryan and I helped out, more Ryan but I did get to do some. I do like to help out, makes me feel good!
(I have to say its weird not being right there helping. Ryan does things I use to do and I haven't ever had this and I have to say he is spoiling me and I am trying to get use to it, but it is still weird??!)

The studs... he he ha ha..... Pete, Jason, Bryce, Ryan, Mace & Kyle (in order I think?)

Look how they kick butt!!!

I can't believe how much they did! And in the rain!

What awesome friends!!

Can you see how bad the clouds look! I am glad Ryan has wonderful friends! And that all their wives are cool to let us steal them for a weekend!! Thanks again!!!

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