Wednesday, June 10, 2009


KarLee is on her way home....... She went to Neosho Missouri with my sister Amber!!

Had so much fun with her cousins...............

She had to bring them home with her!! I can't believe my sister is flying as we speak with 3 little girls... GOD BLESS HER!

Be arriving in Salt Lake by hopefully 1:30 pm home around 5pm!!!
They plane leaving Kansas City was delayed by 32 minutes so when they arrived in Denver they had to move it move it ~ to their gate and start boarding!! Lucky for my sister no long waiting with 3 girls in Denver Airport, or missing their flight!

I can't wait till they are here!! KarLee has been calling and texting me everyday!! I missed her so!
KarLee and I have a little saying to each other ~
"Love you all the way to the moon and back"
it made me choke up a couple time texting it to her!

My sister Brandy will be coming the end of the month to retrieve her daughters!
She usually only come home every other year, and she was just here at Christmas!!!
My nieces ~~~ Sadie & Sydney
I am happy!!
My daughter will be home and so will my nieces Sadie & Sydney!
Blackfoot is having Pride Days this weekend, We are going to have so much fun!!

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