Saturday, June 6, 2009

House progress!!!! Yeah!

This is the door we replaced last year, just before winter.

This is coming out, which will give up lots more room! If anyone is interested in buying this let me know! It works great!! Doesn't get hot to the touch at all! I have been told it is one of the best free standing stoves!!! I put in a furance when I bought my house, and last year we had the vent system all redone!!

More room in our living room!!

New door in our living room!! So now we have replaced both doors and all of the windows!!!

Oh yeah and we had to find this, and thought we should get it pump while we were at it!! (its the sewer tank)


AFTER!! SO Beautiful!!!!


I am loving it!!! I really like the color we picked out!!
I can't wait for it to be ALL done!!!!
I want to try and make atleast one camping trip!

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