Thursday, June 18, 2009

Colby ~ IHSRA Finals~ 1st go

And he made the 8 second whistle!!
Final score 46!! Not bad at all for his Freshman/Rookie Year!
OK I have to tell you all that we had a little scare (For mom its always a big SCARE)!!!
Colby has already had head trauma, yes it was along time ago, but still.
Just letting him ride, and may I add without a helmet (because they only wear them for bull riding and)
So here is what happened, his foot got stuck in the stirrup, and Colby reached down to get his foot out and the horses foot TOUCHED Colby's head.
Remember now that you can't tell what happens from the grand stands!
Here is what happened~in a moms perspective~
Oh my, was my heart racing as I tried to get back there behind the bucking shoots!
I just needed to see my son and know that he was OK!!!
There is always Sports Medicine persons and the Paramedics and a ambulance at every Rodeo!
They checked him out, and he hurts his left ankle, (he has hurt the right one at the second rodeo, too).
And check on him every 1/2 hour just in case of a concussion. Tell me again why I signed papers allowing my son to do this??? Why do they have to grow up??? Why why why????
So then I have to leave him, since its his dads week. That sucked!! When your kids are hurt you just want to take them and hold them till you know everything is OK!!!
Seeing your son stumble around the arena when he just got done riding is hard, scary, and makes you want to throw up.
I always seem to think the worst, don't know why I do this but I do.
Going through what Colby and I have already, doesn't help.
I can still close my eyes and see him there laying on the rode and remember everything about that night. I am very lucky to have my son still!! And thank God for him everyday!!
All I could do is get to my son and see for myself that he is OK!
No matter how old your children get you are always very protective! And for Colby I have always been so OVER protective! I have to tell myself that it will be OK, and Life happens, but its still so very hard.
So later Colby calls and say :
Hey mom I got a horseshoe print on my head!
No mom really wants or needs to hear that.
Next Rodeo is FRIDAY MORNING @ 10AM!!! See you there!!!
Wish him luck and say a pray for both of us!!

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Brandee said...

Ang, I am so glad Colby wasn't hurt seriously. You are such a fantastic mom. I love reading your posts. Oh and I think we will worry more about our teenager/adult children more so than we ever did when they were babes. Their adventures get more and more risky as they get older. The worrying doesn't stop as soon as they turn 18. Again, love your posts - such tried and true loving emotion. Hope you are all doing well. Great success to Colby {and his mom for making it through without an ulcer} on his freshmen rodeo year!