Sunday, June 7, 2009

The shop is framed & the outside is sheeted!

The guys back at it again! Yes it was another rainy day! Finally the sun came out late afternoon.

And look at that, all framed & sheeted! This is the side with a door.
And the front!! It is big enough for the fifth wheel if need to during the winter, soon or more like later we will add a leanto (how ever you spell it??) off the right side, then the back garage door will be used for the lawn mower and 4 wheelers, and Ryan will have the big door.
I can't beleive it got done, in the rain! THANKS SO MUCH FOR ALL THE HARD WORK AND BEING SUCH GREAT FRIENDS!


Ranay said...

Ryno and Angie - so excited for your progress and changes. So much fun! The house looks amazing and can't wait to see the shop completed. A lot of hard work - way to go!

Brandee said...

Ang, love all the new updates. Not much time to comment on all of them but great job. I cannot believe how well your house is looking. WOW. Great job. I know it has not been easy work.