Saturday, June 6, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy!!

Before and progress....and more progress.....

~ (after pictures will come, soon I hope!)~

Our house with its cute porch.........

Without the porch........

MORE TO COME! (if you look close you can see new windows!)

The backside... after the addition.... (and now new windows)

Colby pulled all the trim pieces off, getting already for some siding! And a new door, see the new windows!

My husband working hard!

Nice windows!

My good friend Kelly Cushman (FROM CUSHMAN'S PAINT AND GLASS) help us install all new windows upstairs!!! 11 of them!! He is the one who we got all the paint from when we painted Ryan's old house, he is a great guy!~Thanks Kelly!!

And the tree we had to cut down...... This tree has had a split in it for a while now, but Ryan noticed that the last bad wind storm really made the split crack wide open. Scaring since half would fall onto the house and the other half on his soon to be done shop!!!!

We have had some wind since then and Ryan chained up the tree hoping that it wouldn't come down before we got it cut done!
They came and got it cut down!!
Well the guys are here to get started on the shop!!!
Till next time!

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