Friday, October 24, 2008


Plans for the weekend?! Yea Man! I am having what we call a Mommy & KarLee day!!! What are we doing?? We are going to the movie:
High School Musical 3: Senior Year
It was released today, well I guess at 12:01 am. Z103 had a premier party that we tried to win tickets to, can't say I am sad we didn't win them, it was at 12:01 am and I don't think I could have made it to work or KarLee to school today if we would have went!
Here is a link if you want to check it out!
sorry this is the right link
There is Zac(Troy), Vanessa(Gabriella) & Ashley(Sharpe), and I forget Ashley's brothers name (Brian)and then Vanessa's best friend and the other boy with the crazy hair!! I have watched 1 & 2. I really think they are cute shows!! And this time its not on Disney, it made it to the theaters!!

I don't know who the dark hair girl is in this picture??
I guess its Gabriella with short hair??

The whole gang : High School Musical 3: Senior Year
I do think we will have fun!!!

For the rest of them: Ryan is hauling straw today for his brother-in-law. Then he says his is going to cut wood, repair some fence (the goats next door like to visit) and build some shelves in the storage room so we can organize are stuff we had and try to find a place for Ryan's!
Brad one of Ryan's friends offered to take Colby & Ryan hunting, 3 times a charm?! Maybe Colby will get to fill his tag!!

But for tonight its our Friday Night plans!!
Pizza & Movies!
Ryan, me and my kids!!!!

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grrrma said...

Hope you had a great time. It's so fun to read your blog and hear about what you're doing. xoxo