Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Today we lost apart of our family

Our family dog, Mudd died today. Its been a hard hard day.
So I am going to tell the story of our beloved Mudd.
When Colby was 4 years old I took him and his best friend(still is) Jordon for a ride (that's what I told them) we went to Pocky to meet some people from American Falls. They had Red Heeler pups for sale. We got a little girl puppy. We stop at my dad's gas station and Keith (good friend of ours) was there, and told little Colby he should name her mud??? What? But guess what he did and he loved his Mudd! Mudd went everywhere with us, and barked the whole way there!! She barked at certain trucks and at the 4 wheelers!!! But she loved following the kids. About 3 years ago, Mudd had to have one of her back legs removed from getting hit. She did like to chase cars and even still after her leg was removed. We will miss her and her bark. Her kisses and her smell. Me and the kids buried her under a apple tree. Mudd will always be with us, in our hearts, forever! But for now she is with grandma Karelene in heaven.

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