Thursday, October 16, 2008

I've been tagged

Four Things I love about my husband: Thats he is who he is! That he LOVES me!! His Face, and his kisses!! E(looking at his Face), and his kisses!!! (THIS ONE IS EASY!)

Four Movies I could watch more than once: August Rush, ??? This is something I don't like to do??? All Disney movies

Four T.V. Shows I Watch: Army Wives, Brothers & Sisters, (these two are the only must watch!) Jon & Katie +8 (this one I love when I find it) and just The Disney Channel with my kids(I do like most of the shows!!!)

Four Places I've Been: Alaska, Canada, California, Oregon......

Four Places I'd like to go: Africa, Alaska, Hawaii, New York

Four People Who Email Me Regularly: my sister Brandy, April, Kathy, Robin

Four Things I look Forward to in the Next Year: Getting pregnant, Planting a garden, Having a baby and just RELAXING ~ a lot with my family

Am I done?? So now I have to tag Valkyrie Loman, Robin, sorry that's all I know who blog....

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