Friday, April 17, 2009

Colby & High School Rodeo's!

OK so Colby had his first High School Cutting, and guess what I forgot my camera?! So I took some pictures with my phone. It broke when I got home before I emailed the picture. I am so upset. His first real Cutting, and I bombed it as a mom! I am still upset, Ryan is going to take my old phone to Verizon and see if they can get the pictures off, I'm crossing my fingers!

The Good news is HE did awesome! He was so nervous, but he won! OK here is the deal, he was the only boy so he wins for the boys Cutting/District High School .
Over all there was 3 of them cutting, 2 girls and he did beat them 2 out of the 3 go a rounds! So now he gets a buckle and goes to State.
And guess what TONIGHT is his first HIGH SCHOOL RODEO!

Its not Colby's first Rodeo.

(This wasn't either, he started out on sheep, I can't even remember how old he was, 3?)

Thank goodness through the years I have convinced him not to ride BULLS. He will be riding Saddle Broncs, not a whole lots safer, but no HORNS!
No he is not at all nervous, me mom, well yes but no, maybe its because he isn't?
He has so much confidence, but not really cocky, just excited and ready, so ready to do this. Not that he has practice tons but he has waited for this day since he was little! HIGH SCHOOL RODEO!

Even though cowboy life has changed over the past 150 years, cowboys still honor and live by their code. They are a source of inspiration that reaches back into our history, yet still speaks to us today. At a time when hero's are in short supply, cowboys are the real deal.

Blackfoot High School 2009 Rodeo Team

1- Live each day with courage
2- Take pride in your work
3- Always finish what you start
4- Do what has to be done
5- Be tough, but fair
6- When you make a promise, Keep it
7- Ride for the brand
8- Talk less and say more
9- Remember that somethings are not for sale
10- Know where to draw the line

Wish him luck! I know no matter what he is going to have the ride of his life! And I already have the camera in my car, batteries charged! And the camcorder!
If anyone wants to go watch any of this rodeos here is the 2009 Rodeo Schedule:
April 17 & 18 Pocatello
April 24 & 25 Pocatello
May 1 & 2 American Falls
May 8 & 9 American Falls
May 15 & 16 Blackfoot
May 22 & 23 Blackfoot
Friday Rodeo start @ 7 p.m.
Saturday Rodeo start @ 11 a.m.

"Rodeo embodies the frontier spirit as manifested through the aggressive and exploitative conquest of the West, and deals with...the reordering of nature according to the dictates of this ethos. It supports the value of subjugating nature, and reenacts the 'taming' process whereby the wild is brought under control" - -Lawrence.

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Remind of some of these, we'd love to come and watch him.