Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Happy birthday to Colby Shane!

15 years ago today my son (1st born) was delivered at 2:15AM!

7.5 lbs 20 inches
Yeah he had to come in the AM, of course! I was so tired but I wouldn't let them take my new little son. I remember waking up to my mom taking him out of my arms. He was the best little baby. Within a month you could tell time by his schedule!

Grandpa Daisy & Grandma Karelene with Colby their very 1st grandson!
Grandma loved her little Colby so very much! I know she is proud of him and watches over my son!

Colby and I and my mother were in accident when he was 3months old. I don't have any pictures of Colby from 3months till 6months, and you would never know that he had suffered from a fractured skull just months ago in this picture!
He had to wear eye patches off and on for the next couple of years. He hated them so, but was still dang cute! And so good & Happy!
Love my little man!
Thought he was so big!
He was always so funny!

Today he is 120lbs and 5'11!

WOW, times fly! I must have blinked! As you can see he is now taller than me! A Freshman in High School. Taking Drivers Ed and works at the Bronco Barn and will have his first Rodeo April 17th, riding saddle broncs. My little boy grew up. All way to soon.

Colby has been riding ever since he could sit. He would fall asleep riding! Couldn't wait to ride in the rodeo. Mutton busting and then riding calf's. Always did good.... still scares me!

I love my son!!

Happy birthday Colby!

Here is Colby riding saddle broncs!

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Brandee said...

Love this post, brought tears to my eyes. I am sure your mom watches over all of you and is super proud!