Saturday, April 18, 2009

KarLee~Volleyball 4~18~09

KarLee is on a 5th grade volleyball team and loves it! Her and her teammates are learning so much! It is all of their first year! And when they play other teams, they are 6 & 7th graders! And we all have just been so proud of the girls! This Saturday we traveled to Rexburg to play. Again the girls were older. But they won 1 of the teams!! And they were 7th graders! I m so happy for them to have a victory!! They really do work hard. They are still learning to call the shot and not to be afraid of the ball when it is whirling at the speed of light right at you! (Yea I'm am so proud cause I hated volleyball for this reason, and my KarLee is really loving it!!) Once they hit that 1st shot, instead of looking around like was that mine???, which I think is funny to seeing almost everyone of the girls doing this, but once they do and see its really not going to hurt them and get that confidence built up, they just start hitting them one after another and really play good! I am glad I get to be there and watch her!

Here is Miss KarLee serving!

My sister has helped alot (she Played in High School, and loved it too!)and my step mom! They really help encourage and talk with her about volleyball! I love watching any sport my children are in! I'm just used to coaching them. So its been so nice to be able to take all the pictures and to get to record her games! And I always think its nice for KarLee cause it seems like she listens better?!

With that being said, this year (after 5 yrs of coaching and being the Asst. Commissioner) I am going to be done coaching, and resign as the acting Asst. Commissioner for soccer (which was suppose to happen last year). And you know what I think I will be OK! Ryan doesn't think I can do it?! I know I can with him sitting next to me on the side lines, me taking pictures & filming my daughter, finally!! I think I have the 1st yr on tape and have pictures that I took, after that I coached and never had the chance, thanks to all the other parents who did and gave me some. I have really enjoyed be apart of AYSO! And am glad that we have this sport in our town!

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