Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Happy Birthday to my sister, Amber!

Today is my little sis's birthday!!
I want to wish her a
Very Happy Birthday!!
And my kids want to wish
there "Aunt" one too!

I have to put this picture on here cause I LOVE this one so much....
and there is a story!!!

So I remember that my step mom Karen bought us girls these dresses!
And wanted to get our pictures done. So she took us to the mall.
I don't remember everything, but I remember we were (my sister Brandy and I) "suppose" to be watching my little sister Amber. And I remember we lost her????
Yep, couldn't find her and we were in at the big mall. I remember going to the security people with my mom and then I remember them announcing
a missing girl in a red and white dress, blonde hair, age, etc....
Then we all went to look for her.
I remember a lady "thinking" she found the little lost girl, but it was just me.
Yes we found her, I don't remember if we found her in the toy store or if that was where we lost her, but we did find her!!!

I remember these banks!! And again dressed alike!!!
My step mom loved to dress us girls all so cute!!!

Back to my sister, Amber!!

So very pretty!!!

We always have fun with her!!!

My mom and Amber!

Us at Christmas this last year

This was last year we took Colby hunting and we all went along

This was winter of 2007? We were cutting xmas trees!!

My wedding! My sister was a huge help!

Amber and my sister Brandy this summer.
Amber took KarLee to Missouri where my sister Brandy lives,
and then brought back our niece's, Sadie & Sydney.
Then my sister Brandy and her hubby
came for the
4th of July in Idaho!

Us taking a picture break this summer 4wheeling

Amber and our dad and Linda & uncle, this last year.

All of us girls with our dad at Christmas 2008!

Again Summer all of us, summer 2009

Amber winter 2008

Amber with our dad
We all went snow machining in Mackay

"Aunt Toad" Colby

So very sweet

And funny!

My kids love there Aunt very much!!
And so do my sisters kids!!

Aunt amber and KarLee

Aunt Amber and Sadie

Aunt Amber and Sydney!

Amber and Shanell and her cutest baby!!

Amber and cousin's!

We are all very happy my sister moved back to Mackay!
We are so glad to have her so much closer!
We all love you so very much and
hope you know how special you are to all of us!
Happy Birthday!!!!

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