Monday, October 26, 2009

New Puppy...... "Riggin"

O.K. so he is really cute.
Colby got him the late part of June.

He just started to live at our house this last month.

One of my friends got him after someone had dumped him off, and she couldn't keep him.

So Colby got him.

And he named him Riggin!

(after a bronco riggin, you know Colby being the cowboy he is and all....:)

He has a really cute face.

Looks a lot like Ryan's sisters dog, Hank.


Well if you going to have a dog,

you'll need to build a doggie house!

Ryan and Colby went to work!

Ok, so in some of these pictures, it look as if Ryan was doing most of the work.?

I got on the Internet and printed out some building plans.

Who would have know how fancy you could get!

Colby wanted one with a porch for his doggie! LOL!

This still scares me.

But Ryan cut all the wood and his fingers are still attached!

One very special dog with a very special "loving" boy!

Oh look at that face.

So dang cute!

And yes, naughty!!

But what puppy isn't!?

Almost finished

Still have to finish putting on metal siding.

But he loves it, and I love NO PETS in the house!

Yea we even moved the cats into the shop!!

Can you believe it??


1 comment:

Robyn said...

We all went AHHHHH when we saw the picture of Riggin and then our Hanky! Good lookin' dogs.
Hope Riggin 'grows up' to be as good a dog as Hank-we surely do love him!