Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Colby 2010 High School Rodeo (part 1)

Colby turned 16!!!!!
Holy cow!!! 16! I have to say I was sad. My baby boy is growing up!
2 years till he graduates and leave me and goes to college!!
He is planning on going to Twin Falls, as of now...

Ryan got him a car stereo system!
Next up was his High School Cutting!

He did awesome!!
Will be going to State... He is the only boy in his district that cuts. 2 Girls and him.

This pictures are out of order for Weekends...
This is Blackfoot.............

here he goes

This is all I am thinking!

Safe. Just land safe. Please.

DEAR LORD, let them be safe, all of the cowboys and cowgirls.

This would be the prayer I pray for all the cowboys & girls, just before they start, every rodeo!

The next day at Blackfoot

This would be another boy, he is a senior.

(him again in American Falls)
He is in 1st place

American Falls. I only got pictures one day, because his other ride was a little scary for mom.
I was to busy watching and worrying!
Things were not so good right from the start. But he was fine.
And REALLY that is all that mattered.

Know this boy forever!

Pocky Rodeo!

Use to coach this boy in basketball!
He is in 2nd place

This weekend is the last district rodeo for this year, then off to State in Pocky.

Colby is in 3rd place!! State is in JUNE! Then maybe off to Nationals??

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